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Quick question if i may? What is the procedure for switching schools?

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MrsDoylesMole · 20/04/2009 23:38

Does anyone know how you would go about changing your childs school?

OP posts:
seeker · 20/04/2009 23:42

Find out if there's a place at the school you want to go to, secure the place, then tell the current school you're leaving on x date. Move to new school - job done!

SparklingSarah · 20/04/2009 23:46

I recently changed schools - I rang the school I wanted her to go to asked if they had a space head said yes I said super can I come for a chat off I went explained my daughter was not happy at x school and I had tried over and over to resolve no avail.
he nodded said I'll start the paper work please write to x and tell them she's off.

I bought a new cardigan and she started 2 days later.

She is now a very happy little girl and progressing well.

MrsDoylesMole · 21/04/2009 00:14

Oh really that sounds very simple thankyou.
We have several issues with dd's school,they are very bad communicators and the head is not an approachable woman.

OP posts:
SparklingSarah · 21/04/2009 09:37

it was far simpler than I imagined tbh

I was quite firm and "no nonsense|" when I rang new school and just said I'd like my daughter to attend this one I'm having issues at the other and I've tried to resolve them for almost a year now but no avail and she's falling behind.
and he just said yes we have a place I'll set it in motion.

SHe is a different girl now - whilst new school wasn't the answer to EVERYTHING it was the first step to her knowing that it's not the end of the world if something starts going wrong it can be fixed .

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