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what shoes do girls wear with summer school dresses?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon · 14/04/2009 22:51

I know this sounds ridiculous but dd is keen to go into her school summer dress after the hols but what about shoes? Do they have to have a certain colour of sandals or anything? I looked in Clarkes and they didn't seem to have any sensible black or white types. No info on school website and don't want to commit a terrific faux-pas in dd's reception year!

OP posts:
tiggerlovestobounce · 14/04/2009 22:53

At my DDs school they just have black shoes (not sandals), with white socks.

Hangingbellyofbabylon · 14/04/2009 22:55

ok, that sounds sensible. Dd needs new school shoes so will see what's out there. Thanks.

OP posts:
nickschick · 14/04/2009 22:55

I have 3 sons so really shouldnt dictate but I think little girls look pretty in school dresses and frilly ankle socks over those old fashioned chunky sandal type shoes- she must have matching headband and scrunchies tho or ribbons

Aimsmum · 14/04/2009 22:56

Message withdrawn

Hangingbellyofbabylon · 14/04/2009 22:59

yes we have matching scrunchies and ribbons! can't wait to see dd in her dresses, we've got yellow and white which looks really cute.

OP posts:
nickschick · 14/04/2009 23:01

Aimsmum that sounds funky does she still wear frilly socks??

yellow and white- i bet that looks really fresh - im lol

Hangingbellyofbabylon · 14/04/2009 23:01

these are quite cute and quite 'schooly' too.

OP posts:
frogs · 14/04/2009 23:05

Be warned, lots of schools have rules against open toe sandals.

Aimsmum · 14/04/2009 23:07

Message withdrawn

VirginiaWoolf · 14/04/2009 23:09

I second Frogs - lots of schools ban sandals due to the tendency of playgrounds to chew little toes......

FlorenceDaphne · 14/04/2009 23:10

Little girls should wear red T-bar sandals from Clarks or StartRite with their summer dresses. And, their hair should be in pigtails.

Plonker · 14/04/2009 23:11

Black shoes and white ankle socks for my dd's.

Open toes aren't allowed ...thank God!

SlightlyMadStirrup · 14/04/2009 23:13

Mine will be wearing white trainers.

Sorry - I know it is not trendy in the slightest but my DTDs wear their shoes to walk to school and back and in the playground. Seeing as they don't wear them in class I am not paying a fortune for "special" shoes. Through winter they where black/dark trainers.

CatHerder · 14/04/2009 23:15

Dd has blue-and-white canvas pumps to go with her blue gingham dress. Canvas plimsoles much nicer for charging around the school field in summer I think. They're not allowed open-toe shoes, so not much choice in sandals.

Although last year she insisted on wearing trousers rather than her dress for ages, and eventually admitted that she and her friends were practising their cartwheels and she didn't want the boys to see her knickers! (age 5!). So have to find girls' school uniform shorts ...

twinsetandpearls · 14/04/2009 23:22

At dd old school the summer uniform inclued white cardigans and white shoes. Cost me a fortune as I had to buy new every half term.

cat64 · 14/04/2009 23:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lockets · 14/04/2009 23:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

FlorenceDaphne · 14/04/2009 23:42

This is what I mean.

TsarChasm · 14/04/2009 23:49

Just clicked on the Clarks link to have a look at what they have for girls 9-12yrs. How depressing.

lockets · 14/04/2009 23:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

JulesJules · 14/04/2009 23:56

Proper black school shoes with white socks. It looks very nice. (Not supposed to wear sandals or trainers.)

Hangingbellyofbabylon · 14/04/2009 23:58

this has been a real eye-opener for me - I just assumed sandals but will keep sandals for out of school and go for some new black school shoes. I am really strict on getting the uniform right so would rather go for something that I know is ok. Thanks.

OP posts:
TequilaMockinBird · 14/04/2009 23:59

My DD used to wear Clarks Doodles type shoes with white socks

Clary · 15/04/2009 00:14

You have to wear black or brown shoes to our school.

I think open-toes are very dangerous in school tbh - trips, slips, catch on skipping rope etc.

DD will be wearing sthg like this

islandofsodor · 15/04/2009 13:57

Black shoes or sandal type shoes with a full back and no open toes for dd's school

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