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Gang warfare....

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HuwEdwards · 06/04/2009 19:35

it ain't. But, there is a situation in my DDs class and I'd like impartial perspective.

DD is in Yr3 and she was v.good mates with a girl in her class. Other girl is nice enough, quite savvy as she has older siblings, but she's been to our a number of times and my DD has been over to her house too. Now, DD and her friend fell out about a week or 2 ago over some nonsense. 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

Anyway, I told DD that it would all blow over, but it hasn't and it appears to have split almost all the class in 2 (a few more sensible ones have kept out of it).

Now DD is saying that there is spying of one group on the other at playtimes, and a bit of pushing and shoving. DD said one of the boys in the other group chased her and tripped her up, which I'm sure (and even she suspects) was an accident but she got hurt.

DD is not terribly bothered by this. She really, really wants her friend back and by all accounts has held out the olive branch only to be spurned, but the rival groups thing doesn't seem to worry her and she skips happily into school.

But I think it's all going a bit far now. I worry that some children may be encoraging the fall out and that others, a tad more sensistive might be getting upset.

I'm happy to go into the teacher and discuss it, but wonder whether I'm a bit OTT in doing so and should just let it sort itself out.

WWYD please oh wise mumsnetters?

OP posts:
notnowbernard · 06/04/2009 19:41

I think I'd let the teacher know and explain it just as you have in your OP (you sound very level-headed and sensible about the whole thing, as does your dd )

But the teacher may want to know what is going on as it seems to be affecting the dynamics of the whole class, as opposed to a 'growing-up' type experience between 2 young friends

Hope it gets sorted soon

HuwEdwards · 06/04/2009 19:47

thanks nnb, think I'll try and have a quick word tomorrow..

OP posts:
t875 · 06/04/2009 20:46

yeah i would have a word with the teacher, just say DD has been coming home saying there is intimidation and and she got tripped up could they keep an eye on things at playtime

see how things go with the pettyness of the kids, fall out. It may well sort itself out, get a run down from yr daughter though and if it doesnt get better then mention more in depth with the teacher.

Hope it calms down!!

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