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when i went to parents' eve last night I was told that ds1 was working at 2c level

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oopsagain · 02/04/2009 11:42

what excalty does this mean?
I think it is something to do with SATs but I'm not sure when they do them..
can anyone with any experience tell me about this- it's all a bit over my head...

OP posts:
morningsun · 02/04/2009 11:46

level 2 is expected/average level in yr 2 at end of year
2b is the average,2a a bit above and 2c just below
but its not the end of the year yet so i guess he could change level

is he in yr2?
should say am not a teacher but have dc in yr2

mankyscotslass · 02/04/2009 11:47

Is she in yr2?

I think they say as a broadly average expectation that at the the end of yr2 children should be about 2b, but thats only a broad average.

I think

2a is working above average.

2b is working to average.

2c is working just below average.

TBH, I hate the way they grade the kids at this age.

oopsagain · 02/04/2009 11:49

He's in yr 1 and it at level 2c for maths and 2a for reading.

so, i knoew he was doing well, but wasn't sure excatly wht the levels meant...

sorry- it now sounds like a bragging post doesn't it.

He's so booky

OP posts:
morningsun · 02/04/2009 11:57

don't be silly its great he's doing well!

mankyscotslass · 02/04/2009 12:09

No, it's great when you know they are doing well!

oopsagain · 02/04/2009 13:50

yeah i know, he's very bright.
But is hate to make a big thing of it as I know there are other people on here whose kids really struggle with the basics and it's not nice to think other people are being boastful.

thanks anywya for your input.

OP posts:
seeker · 03/04/2009 23:20

He's well on track for level 3s in his year 2 SATS. They are supposed to progress 2 sub-levels a year. 2B is the average for a year 2 child - so he's doing very well.

AbbyLou · 04/04/2009 19:05

He is doing very well. I teach Year 1 and I have just had to level my children as we have just had an assessment week. The highest I have given anyone is a 2b for reading and writing and she is a very talented girl on our gifted and talented register. Keep up the good work!!!

karise · 04/04/2009 19:39

Isn't it the other way around?
Level 2a being lower than 2b, then 2c the highest?
I can't believe how confusing it all is!

morningsun · 04/04/2009 19:43

2a higher than 2b etc i think then goes up to 3 ~ but i don't get why the levels don't correspond with the years throughout

seeker · 04/04/2009 20:24

they do, morningsun!
4cba and so on until you hit Level 8.

morningsun · 04/04/2009 20:39

but is each level the average for that yr then so level 6 is average for yr 6 for example?
[ms dons dunces hat]

Feenie · 04/04/2009 20:48


Av end of Y1 - 1a
Av end of Y2 - 2b
Av end of Y3 - 2a/3c
Av end of Y4 - 3b
Av end of Y5 - 3a/4c
Av end of Y6 - 4b

seeker · 04/04/2009 20:56

No, they don't go with the year. An average child will be 2b in year 3 and 4b in year 6. The best you can do in year 6 is level 5.

Feenie · 04/04/2009 20:59

2b in at end of Year 2, seeker.

Feenie · 04/04/2009 21:00

2b at end of Y2

seeker · 04/04/2009 21:13

Sorry, level 0 for typing!

Feenie · 04/04/2009 21:21


Feenie · 04/04/2009 21:21

How did I do that??!!

Level 0 for typing here, too

salome64 · 04/04/2009 23:14

You would expect an average child (eek! hate that idea!) to be at level 4b at the end of year six. It does not correspond to years in that sense. What they expect is for a child to progress two sublevels (yup, that's what they are called) per year.

So, average in year 2 is 2b. go up to year three. achieve two extra sublevels. end up at the end of year three at 3c. Go to year 4. Finish that year at 3a. Enter year 4. end up at 3c. Go to year 5. Finish year 5 at 4b. Go to year 6. End at 5c.

Bugger .Doesn't work . But thats the principle! Kinda. Its all a bit rubbish, to be honest.

cat64 · 13/04/2009 13:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

zuluassegai · 14/04/2009 18:28

What is really important here I feel is whether the child is enjoying school and making progress. There is no such thing as an average child, therefore the average level of 2b for end of Year 2 is only rhetoric. I work in school as an LSA and am just about to start my final year doing a Bed in Primary Education. The bottom line is, whether or not your child is consistantly improving and whether they are getting the required support that they need if there are areas of concern. Children learn at different paces, doing better in some subjects than others. Frankly, take the teachers assesment of the child - they were doing assessemnt and setting appropriate work long before SATS were introduced! Sorry, reads like a lecture but it is not meant to be - just concerned at the level of worry that is apparant in the postings .

hellywobs · 15/04/2009 14:03

Interesting that your school gives you the levels - my ds in Y1 and we just get told he is working above the national average level. Which I guess is sufficient, but it would be good to be able to compare now and in a year.

And I wish they would let the kids (and the schools) get credit for being at a level 4 at 7 or a level; 6 at 11, rather than keeping them to a level 3 or 5. Some kids are very advanced, but the system does not encourage the school to stretch them, only work on the borderline kids to get them to a level 4 or 5.

Snowybird · 23/04/2009 21:40

My ds1 and ds2 are just coming up to the end of year 2 and the teacher seems strangely keen for them to get to level 3c. Then I realized why - a year ago they were at 2b and unless they progress by two levels, it looks as if the teacher hasn't been effective. So out of respect for their teacher, I am drilling my kids on workbooks in preparation for the SATs. What a crazy world.

hellywobs · 24/04/2009 11:58

It is crazy - it assumes that all kids develop at the same steady rate, whereas in reality kids develop in fits and starts. And not all kids have the same ability in all subjects. They even say that a child doing well in English should do as well in Maths and vice versa! No understanding that a child might be good at Maths and not very good at reading say. Really crazy. This government seems to think our kids are automotons, not children.

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