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Ashtead Surrey - Schools

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Issy123 · 31/03/2009 19:48

We are thinking of moving to this area, does anyone have any expereinces/knowledge of the infant and primary state schools here.

OP posts:
SazzlesA · 31/03/2009 19:49

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Message withdrawn

pagwatch · 31/03/2009 19:54

I lived in Ashtead. There is a primary actually in the village - which darn me I can't remember the name. My neighbours boys went there and they really liked it. They then went to Therfield senior school in leatherhead which she was much less keen on.
Not really helpful

So sorry - my brain is crap at names

Ashtead was a nice little place to live though

My DS went to the City of London Freemans school there. Which was rubbish

SazzlesA · 31/03/2009 20:05

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Message withdrawn

usernametaken · 31/03/2009 23:42

My step-brother was at Therfield, he lasted 2 years before being pulled out. His siblings went to City of London Freemans and did ok, but not wonderfully. I know they had friends at HofE which is meant to be very good.

DottedPyjamas · 01/04/2009 10:24

My daughter went to the Greville Primary School when we lived in Ashtead. It is a great school, I would recommend it.

Issy123 · 01/04/2009 10:39

Thanks for the replies, DottedPyjamas how long ago was your daughter at Greville school, its just that it has an okayish Ofstead report, my son is only 18 months so this is all new to me.

OP posts:
DottedPyjamas · 01/04/2009 12:00

She started Reception in September 2006 but didn't continue to Year 1 as we moved away in the summer holidays. I was surprised at their ofsted report as well, goes to show that it doesn't really give an accurate picture. Compared to the school she is in now they did so much more, the school day would be filled with activities and they were learning so much as well. It's a very personal sort of school, everyone seemed to know everyone else.

Once you are in Ashtead speak to your neighbours and the local mums that you meet etc. You have loads of time anyway. Good luck with the move, Ashtead is a lovely place. We lived in a gorgeous tree lined street with such beautiful houses, it's a lovely village.

MrsMonkey · 30/04/2009 11:22

We are looking at St Giles and West Ashtead primary - they both seem to have good ofsted reports, but it would be great to hear some feedback from people whose children have been/go there.

We are moving to the area but not there yet so I can't really ask around as such.

We would rather go state, but if we can't get places then would look at private - the Downsend school looks good. I know they have a new headmaster though - anyone's children attending at the mo?

Many thanks!

willali · 30/04/2009 12:20

Downsend is fab. Pre Prep Lodges in Ashtead, Epsom and LEatherhaed, main school a few mins up the road in Leatherhead. Can't rave enough about it - supporting the less able, pushing the more able (streaming from Year 4), sporta dn art and drama skills identified and encouraged, helathy competition and quite tough o rules and discipline and FANTASTIC record of getting kids into schools of choice and always get masses of scholarships. The children all love the new head (needed as old one was there 20+ years) but you will not have much to do with him really - heads of years much more relevant for everyday life. Excellent parent communication and involvement.

pigsinmud · 30/04/2009 12:35

Can help with Dorking schools if you look there!

mrscraig · 30/04/2009 17:34

Look at Barnett Wood Infants - my girls went there. Fantastic school and was given outstanding in 2006 OFSTED. All the teachers are fab and such a caring ethos.

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