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parents evening tonight and I'm dreading it.

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Pwsimerimew · 31/03/2009 16:13

DS has been rude to teacher today, so that going to influence an already negative teacher. Seing as he's only got 4 months left in primary, can I ask her " Just tell me for once what he's good at?". Will she tell me tonight what level he's at, and if so, what level is a good level, average level and below average. Feel very intimidated about going to talk to her - DH will be at work. ANyone free at 4.40?

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Notquitegrownup · 31/03/2009 16:15

Sounds great to me. Ask her what he's good at! She should be ready to talk levels by the end of Y6, although our staff won't talk averages for the class - they discourage comparisons. You can Google the national/local average when you get back.

Pwsimerimew · 31/03/2009 16:17

Doesn't it sound like I'm throwing in the towel?????

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OrmIrian · 31/03/2009 16:20

She should be concentrating on levels at this stage. SATS approaching very fast and IME most teachers are a bit like rabbits in the headlights about now

If he was rude to her I suspect he's feeling the strain too. 4b is target I think, 4a higher, any 5 is good.

Good luck!

Notquitegrownup · 31/03/2009 16:30

Sounds to me as if you are being positive and sensible. She can see you any time to grumble about him and his behaviour. Parents evening should be about the bigger picture.

Pwsimerimew · 31/03/2009 17:22

I'm home and still smiling!!! She must have swallowed a happy pill, or she might be psychic and knew what I was going to ask. When he does do work it's good - it's only a problem when he refuses to do any . It was kind of a truce I think. I'm not stressed at all! Thank you for getting back to me.

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