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DD about to finish first term at school (foundation). Is "end of term behaviour"r a recognised syndrome??

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Pendulum · 28/03/2009 13:21

She is really enjoying school but has become increasingly temperamental over the last couple of weeks: hyper one moment, tearful and clingy the next. Just wondered if I can confidently put this down to being tired out and in need fo a holiday- and if so, is it somethng that I can expect to continue as she gets older?

OP posts:
pagwatch · 28/03/2009 13:24

yes. Imediately before the end of each term the younger ones often get irritable and unreasonable as they get more and more in need of a break.
I have observed it with each of my three children and their peers over the last ten years.

It becomes less so but DS1 is 15 and has been crabby this last week or two - although some of that is having started GCSE's this term.

DD finished on Fri and burst into tears several times last week for no good reason.
They get tired. Its hard being good for so long

Pendulum · 28/03/2009 13:34

Thanks pagwatch. Yes, she is certainly finding being good a challenge at the moment What ages are your DCs?

Since you seem to have lots of experience in this area can I ask you one more question? I have not scheduled much for the holidays at all, because I think DD needs a rest. However, after a Saturday morning in which she has dragged herself around complaining of boredom I am havig second thoughts! How do you tend to approach this? Hope you don't mind me picking your brain like this)

OP posts:
purepurple · 28/03/2009 13:35

oh yes!
which is why full time children in nurseries are often little buggers
some of them never get a break, and boy, do we they need one
I work with pre-schoolers and they get all weird in the final months before they start big school.

pagwatch · 28/03/2009 13:54

Mine are 15, 12 and 6. They each went through it. It does reduce as they get older.

I can tell you exactly what I do with the bordom thing ( a bit of a thing with me tbh ). I ignore it and tell them to go and find something to do. After a couple of days of being absoloutely unbearable they ... start finding things to do.

I honestly believe that the more we entertain our children the less able they are to do for themselves.
Last summer I had nearly a week of hiding from them and then wanting to plan days out just so they would stop whining they all started finding great stuff to do. Ds1 started teaching the two smaller ones rugby and taught himself to make chocolates.He also started a book of photos and sketches. DD started making maps and planning treasure hunts etc etc and making dens in her bedroom.
Only then do I get friends round and plan a few outings - when they are able to find things to do.
If you can get through the first days when frankly you feel like you want to die it really does work.

Pendulum · 28/03/2009 14:07

Pagwatch, I am really pleased to read that because it accords with my instinct not to lay on entertainment and activities the whole time. Most of DDs peers seem to have two outings per day scheduled for the holidays and their mums seem shocked when I say that DD needs to spend a bit of time being bored! Your DCs sound fantastic and resouceful.

OP posts:
ICANDOTHAT · 28/03/2009 14:27

OMG, Yes!! They are exhausted and it's very common for them to be irritable and a bit of a handful towards the end of any term - even worse at Xmas time combined with all the excitement. I hate my kids that time of year

One thing I would also say I have learnt over the year (two kids with large age gap) is ... I will not lay on entertainment 24/7 for my second child. My 2nd son is far more capable of entertaining himself then my first who had activities galore. Feel a bit mean for 2nd son, but he's happy and it's easier on me. My older boy still can't do anything by himself ... bloody useless! But I love him

compo · 28/03/2009 14:28

my nearly 5 yr old went back to bed for an hour this morning at 10am because he is that tired

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