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What level do they reach at the end of Year 6?

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emkana · 27/03/2009 22:09

What is average/above average?

OP posts:
CarGirl · 27/03/2009 22:10

Isn't a level 3 expected so 3a/4c

Feenie · 27/03/2009 22:12

No, 4b is average. 4a is better, 5c better still, then 5b and 5a is brilliant. A more able child achieves 5b, usually.

twinsetandpearls · 27/03/2009 22:12

The average pupils should read level 4.

CarGirl · 27/03/2009 22:16

only one number out and dd on started year 7 in Sept

Feenie · 27/03/2009 22:16
seeker · 28/03/2009 05:46

Level 5s aren't automatically differentiated in year 6 - so unless you ask you will only get told that your child got a level 5.

4b is what is expected of an average child in year 6.

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