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If you've been offered a primary school place this year...

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furrycat · 27/03/2009 11:49

How far was the school to home distance? Less or more than last year? And what proportion of places were taken by siblings?

Still waiting for our offer and am interested!

OP posts:
nancy75 · 27/03/2009 11:52

the distance it went to last year was 1.1 miles, this year was .06, we just scraped in. dont know about siblings

titchy · 27/03/2009 12:29

Mine are already at primary, but their school had 17 places go to silblings fir this september intake, with catchment just under half a mile.

pooka · 27/03/2009 12:32

Local school had 0.3 mile "catchment" compared to about 0.38 last year. Think 33 siblings out of an intake of 60, including 2 sets of sibling twins.

forevermore · 28/03/2009 00:44

0.41 this year last year 0.7, just got in!

sophiaverloren · 29/03/2009 11:01

1.5 miles - don't know about siblings, but a catholic school and within parish.

saramoon · 29/03/2009 15:22

0.4 of a mile, not sure if it has changed since last year. We are still waiting to hear if dd1 has got in but seeing as i could throw her over the back fence into the school, i'm hoping we are def in.

CompareTheMeerkat · 29/03/2009 15:31

I know that people got into our school that live 2.6 miles away (although that is by road, as the crow flies it is rather nearer). Not sure which way it is calcualted.

She does have an older brother there, but siblings come lower than distance, so were worried until they found out.

CompareTheMeerkat · 29/03/2009 15:36

As the crow flies they are 1.1 miles away

Emmsy1 · 31/03/2009 10:42

I thought siblings came before distance??

EldonAve · 31/03/2009 19:04

no idea about siblings

School A (3rd choice) was 717m last year, we are 800m and didn't get in

School B (4th choice) was 576m last year, we are 400m, we got in but we will most likely decline the place

furrycat · 31/03/2009 19:14

0.3 miles? 0.4? Please tell me these are all schools that only take 30 children a year...please?

OP posts:
EldonAve · 31/03/2009 19:18

School A is 2 class entry

School B is 1 class entry

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