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Priory CoE wimbledon

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Sander · 23/03/2009 12:16

Hi all...can anyone give me any views on this school?

OP posts:
BambinoChocolino · 29/09/2010 16:09

Hello everyone. I am new here and very soon new to the UK because we are moving from Italy. My husband is English, my two DC speak good english. I don't know London well although I lived in Brixton many many years ago when I was a student. Anyway, after many years in Italy we are going to live in Wimbledon, Craven Gardens initially, and I have been told my nearest school will be Priory. I cannot find a lot of information, no website or anything. I would really love to hear from other mums from the school. Only my husband saw it from outside and said it was very big. Should that matter? Oh I don't know, I'm so confused so any information at all would be really great. Thanks a million.

PatriciaHolm · 29/09/2010 16:36

Here's its OFSTED (schools inspectors) report

It does have a website -

It's a CofE school and half of its 60 intake a year are drawn from families who attend church regularly. The other 30 are done on the normal SEN/siblings/distance criteria. It's greatly oversubscribed. It maintains a strongly Christian ethos which is worth bearing in mind if you aren't religious yourselves. The school should be able to tell you how far away the furthest child admitted lived, to give you an idea of whether you would get in!

BambinoChocolino · 29/09/2010 17:01

Thank you patricia. I didn't think of the Christian ethos at all! How strong is it? We are not a religious family at all, in fact my DH doesn't like organised religion at all, I am more relaxed but still not religious. What about academically? My eldest son is extremely bright; will he be happy and stimulated in that school? My youngest son is less academic, more into sports. I really want them both in the same school!

PatriciaHolm · 29/09/2010 17:05

If your DH is anti organised religion I would suggest the Priory is going to drive him mad! See this thread -

Academically; it's SATS (exams taken by 11 yr olds) are above average but not stunningly. I don't know it personally so don't know more than that I'm afraid.

BambinoChocolino · 29/09/2010 17:12

I am really shocked; it sounds like our nightmare school! So what other options do we have?

BambinoChocolino · 29/09/2010 19:14

Anybody know?Sad

owlicecream · 29/09/2010 22:38

here is a map of state primaries in Merton - you can see where else is close to Craven Gardens and look them up on Ofsted?
A lot of people in the UK overcome their objections to organised religion in schools when they realise how good some of the C of E primaries are - but each to their own. I hope you find somewhere you like - Wimbledon is a nice place to live. Good luck.

EstyBird · 11/10/2010 14:07

My children go to the Priory and they love it! The school is so creative and stimulating. They are able children and are very well challenged and have made/are making excellent progress. The parents are supportive and really friendly, it's such a great school to belong to. My children have always had great teachers too. Instead of asking people on this site what they know about the school I would recommend you visit, have a tour and meet the Head Teacher and the children. That way you'll be able to make a fair judgement based on what you feel and see. It is a C of E school which naturally affects the ethos and values of the school, but it is totally respectful of people of other faiths and none. I hope this is helpful.

OneDayInYourLife · 02/02/2011 12:31

I am so glad to have found this forum and this thread! SmileSmile DH is being relocated back to the UK and we are in the process of exchanging contracts in this area. If I understand things properly, our new address will place us within the catchment area of two schools, Holy Trinity and Priory. I would love to hear from the locals about both schools; Estybird I agree with you, always best to visit and then make a decision, but it's helpful to gather as much information as possible until I am physically able to visit the schools myself Grin.

gottasmile · 02/02/2011 14:08

My ds is in yr 2 at Holy Trinity. He started in September. He loves it. It seems to be a very caring and nurturing school with lovely children. Academically it is very very good.

Holy Trinity too is C of E but like Estybird said of the Priory, they are respectful of and learn about other faiths while aiming at kindness, courtesy and consideration.

Good luck with your choice (and then getting a place!) and enjoy Wimbledon!

OneDayInYourLife · 28/02/2011 18:05

Hello! I'm still here!! Thank you for your replies. Gottasmile, what in your opinion makes HT very good academically? Estybird, is Priory also academic or less so? Is that going by ofsted reports?

gottasmile · 01/03/2011 11:52

Hi Onedayinyourlife,

I'm going on the results that we heard about in the newsletter. They were very proud of last years' results of the y6 class, I think they were the best in Merton.

My ds is learning a lot, and although he would always prefer to be outside playing, I truly believe he is being taught well. They have a good balance of physical activity, music, French and the other traditional subjects.

I can only go on my personal experience, and as we haven't been here very long, maybe it's too early to tell what the whole school is like and I definitely can't compare it to anywhere else in the area.

The bottom line for me is that my ds is happy. I'm hoping to get dd into nursery at the same school.

Hope this helps!

OneDayInYourLife · 01/03/2011 17:48

It does! Thaks so much. Would love to hear from others too Smile

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