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parents night what did they say to you?

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morningsun · 22/03/2009 10:49

like to thinki am a relative veteran of parents nights over the years but went to ds yr 2 this week and came out strangely flat.
He is well behaved and working fine but maybe i wanted more specific info about his progress such as levels etc which i won't get till summer.
It all sounds fine but i wish they told you more about his ability within the yr group etc

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Smithagain · 22/03/2009 15:26

DD1 is in Year 2. We got a mid-year report, with levels (using the SATs grading system) and a score for progress since this time last year, and a general comment. Just for reading, writing, maths and science, not for the other subjects, but it was very useful indeed.

Our Head did emphasise that not all schools do reports mid-year, but they've found that parents value them. And this is not a pushy, exam-factory by any means.

happywomble · 22/03/2009 15:41

We had a yr 2 parents evening too. We also had no specific information on levels. She just said DS was doing fine and a good reader.

I found there was too much detail on which times tables he could do or which "conjunctives" (? thought they were conjunctions)he was using or not using, whereas I would like to have had different information such as his general academic ability. Things like sport, music weren't even touched on.

karise · 22/03/2009 17:10

I'll let you know how we go on Tuesday.
November year 2 parents evening was just a round of we don't want to talk about levels because it will help you be a pushy parent!

MollieO · 22/03/2009 21:21

Same although ds is in reception so I might have been hoping for a bit much. Was told he is a 'very involved learner'. No idea what that actually meant until I asked (ds asks lots of detailed questions and puts hand up in class - he does the same at home!). I would love to know how he compares to his classmates but instead got some very bland comments.

ABetaDad · 22/03/2009 21:42

Sounds like quite a few of you had the same bland parents evening as we usually get.

However, we got wise to the 'oh everything is fine and he is doing really well routine'.

I go with an agenda, request for specific actions and tell the teacher I expect her to consult with the headmistress and then come back with a considered response.

I am very nice about it and stress I am not criticing the teaching staff (I really never am) but the message is clear. I know where my child is and what he is doing in class and I want to know what you are doing to maximise his talents.

Tell me I am not pushy - its just that I want my money's worth as I am paying. It seems to work as we have automatically set a basis for the next parents evening and progress against agreed action plan.

FAQinglovely · 22/03/2009 21:48

DS1 (8yrs old YR3 - just gone up to the Juniors)

5 minute slot - "ermm yes think he's doing ok, not sure, he doesn't finish his work and he doesn't contribute in class either, he's at the bottom end of his group for maths but he's in the top "group" (they rejiggle the 2 YR3 classes for maths, and he's in the "top" one).

me: "oh right - contributing in class has always been a big thing for him, he's a bit like me doesn't like talking in big groups, if we work on him finishing his work would that be ok".

her: "yes - he spends too much time making it neat and isn't getting the writing down in time."

me "ok - so what's the best way of getting him to speed up, he's a bit of a perfectionist and likes things "just so".

her: " well you can practice with him"

cue me coming up with the ideas to put to her for ways I can help him .

DS2's parents evening (5yrs old Reception) 10 minute slot given

I came out feeling totally different, I know what he's good at, the things he's obsessed with (numbers and maths), the things he needs to work on, about his behaviour - I walked out feeling like she actually knows him.

christywhisty · 23/03/2009 08:35

DD is YR 6 and for the first time she was allowed to sit in.It was also done in her teachers office (teacher is Deputy Head)
The first thing DD's teacher told us was how dd had worked so hard to improve her handwriting.
DD then had to show us samples of her work.
We were told how dd could improve her written work.
Maths she is very fast, just needs to read the questions a bit slower.
Sats - they are expecting a lot from her, but no actually discussed.
Her teacher understands her very well, realises that her brain works a lot faster than most and understands why she talks too much etc

karise · 23/03/2009 12:30

That's the other thing!
DD's teachers want her to come along too (year 2). She is very bright and I wonder if many things they say will make her worry rather than help.
Anyone else's yr 2's been asked to come along?

mankyscotslass · 23/03/2009 12:35

Ours is on Thursday for our YR2 DS and YR DD.

School policy is no children to attend until YR3.

DS's teacher does not seem to be a good communicator with adults, so I am not sure what to expect.

DD's teacher is lovely and far more open, so I think we will get more from her.

happywomble · 23/03/2009 12:36

Yes - they were invited but we didn't take DS. The teacher was fine with that. I think it is hard to have a proper discussion with the child present.

morningsun · 24/03/2009 10:39

thanks everyone some varied and interesting experiences.
I am considering leaving it a few days and then asking to see teacher for a chat before the end of term to ask what levels he is on/working towards to give me more of an idea how he's getting on.

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