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reading review in Y1?!

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imaginaryfriend · 20/03/2009 21:55

Had a note from the teacher in dd's reading diary that she'd been given a book to prepare for her 'reading review' next week. What the heck is that?!

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imaginaryfriend · 20/03/2009 22:31

any ideas?

OP posts:
Alambil · 21/03/2009 02:27

a book review I guess

what is it about? who is it by? who would read it (girls/boys/both)? did she like it? what bits? anything she didn't like? what character did she like best? were there pictures? rate out of 5/10?

Hulababy · 21/03/2009 09:00

Book review maybe? Is it verbal or written?

DD has done a number of book reviews over year 1 and 2, both written and oral. They have just talked about the book, what they liked and didn't like and why, if they enjoyed it, etc.

Hulababy · 21/03/2009 09:06

I googled KS1 reading review and pretty much what comes up is book review type stuff.

Page 4 has a KS1 reading review sheet

Aimed at KS2 but I have used this and quite like it

A very detailed book review, aimed at KS2

ellingwoman · 21/03/2009 09:41

A few years ago in yr1 we did a formal-ish assessment of the literacy skills of the children. They read or were read a book and familiarised themselves with it and then individually were asked questions about the beginning, middle, end, main characters, the setting and other things I can't remember. We haven't done it in the last couple of years but it was an interesting exercise in determining the comprehension skills of the children. Some 'excellent readers' couldn't tell you anything about the book although they knew all the words!

imaginaryfriend · 21/03/2009 20:44

Thanks for this. I'll look at your links in a moment Hula.

The book is called Mrs. Hippo's Pizza Parlour. It's a much easier book than she's usually given so that would fit with it being something she's going to be asked about I guess?

OP posts:
imaginaryfriend · 21/03/2009 21:51

Incidentally - looking at the reading review sheets - would the child fill them in themselves or is it more of an oral test that the teacher fills in?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 22/03/2009 08:31

ellingwoman: Some 'excellent readers' couldn't tell you anything about the book although they knew all the words!

This is pretty common from what I can gather. Early good readers are often very good at decoding, but because they do the reading but with no problem the comprehnsion seems to get forgotten. That is why bok reviews, etc are really useful.

imaginaryfriend · 22/03/2009 20:26

Hula - will dd have to fill in the book review form herself though or will the teacher do that part?

I did a practise book review with her today out of interest and I was pleased with how dd had understood the text although her memory was a bit dodgy in places!

One thing that's a bit confusing though is that the book she's been given to read for the review is much easier than the normal reading books she brings home. I wonder if her comprehension would be as good with those ...?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 22/03/2009 20:32

It depends on the teacher. DD has done book reviews and reading comprehsion both written and verbal. I don't know specifically what format they take when at school - often just the teacher has given them headings on board to write about, or for a specific text a list of comprehnsion style questions plus some "give your opinion" type ones. Teacher also des verbal when they finish a reading book every so often.

I haven;t known it to be a formal assessment or anything thugh.

Can you ask the teacher tomorrow?

Hulababy · 22/03/2009 20:33

IF - it is common to be given easier texts when focusing on comprehnsion, as - as you suggest - it is easier for childrn to yake in what they are reading with less complex texts and where they aren't having to concentrate on decoding words, etc.

imaginaryfriend · 22/03/2009 20:35

I will have to ask on Tuesday as I don't take dd in on Mondays. I was just thinking that at the moment dd's writing isn't as fluid as her thinking so if she had to write down her answers she wouldn't get very far! If it's a comprehension test it's probably best to do it verbally in Y1 unless it's for a very able writer, no?

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cazzybabs · 22/03/2009 22:09

It may be where they talk to your dd and ask her questions about her reading habits? Do you like reading, what are your favourite type of books? DO you use pictures to help you etc etc

imaginaryfriend · 23/03/2009 10:59

It may be but it seemed a bit more specific than that - the book she was given for instance.

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ICANDOTHAT · 23/03/2009 16:43

My ds is in yr 1 and today his teacher mention he would be having a reading review today. She said it's done to ensure they are on the correct level of reading books - do you think this may be the same thing?

imaginaryfriend · 23/03/2009 21:11

It's possible I think although she seems to have been off the level books since before Christmas and has been reading short chapter books. Also the book she was given as her 'review' book is much easier than the normal ones she gets.

I'm going to ask the teacher tomorrow though.

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