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DS2 has come home with cuts to his shirt, which he says were done by another boy - twice

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weddingdress · 16/03/2009 19:44

The first time it was a small cut to the hem and he said that a boy in his class, who I know has some special needs had done it with scissors. TBH I didn't think any more of it and DS2 has been wearing the shirt with said cut.

Today he's come home with another shirt with several holes, which have clearly been made by scissors and DS2 says the same boy is responsible.

What if anything should I do? I don't want to make a big fuss over nothing, but it does seem a bit odd that a boy who is likely to do this kind of thing is left unsupervised with scissors. These a clean cuts, so I imagine the scissors must have been fairly sharp, rather than the round ended paper scissors I remember from school.

It's also pretty annoying to have a shirt deliberately destroyed. Not the end of the world, it's only a cheap white polo shirt, but that's not the point it?

OP posts:
weddingdress · 16/03/2009 19:45

They're YR1 BTW

OP posts:
lillypie · 16/03/2009 19:47

No it's not the point and it is potentially dangerous.I would speak to the teacher in the morning.

smee · 16/03/2009 19:54

Is he scared or concerned by it? If so it's bullying, but even if it's just kids experimenting, it's not good to let them do damage with sharp things. So I'd talk to teacher too, but how I'd phrase it would depend on how DS felt about it.

KristinaM · 16/03/2009 19:56

where are the cuts on the shirt?

weddingdress · 16/03/2009 20:01

Smee, DS2 doesn't seem upset at all, just a little concerned that he might get into trouble for the spoiled shirts, but not much. Actually, I am a little concerned that I might find out he did them himself, although he has stuck very well to his story over several days if he did.

Kristina, is that what you're thinking? The first one was at the front on the hem and the others are on the front between the buttons and the hem.

OP posts:
MrsWeasley · 16/03/2009 20:05

My DD came home in YR2 with a cut dress caused by another child when I investigated further I found out that she had done it herself as a dare.

smee · 16/03/2009 20:36

Have to say wd, that thought did enter my head. Why don't you tell him you're going to tell the teacher. If he did it himself, I'd bet he'll go bright red and try and talk you out of it.

KristinaM · 16/03/2009 21:01

i would strongly suspect that he did it himself. two our ours went through this phase so i have forensic experitise in this area

cory · 17/03/2009 07:31

I was going to say the same as mrsweasley. Been there, done that.

nickschick · 17/03/2009 07:44

It is very common for children to cut their own clothes and blame another child -its also very difficult to find out exctly wht happened -usually a 'hostile' scissor attack will include skin trauma.....

ICANDOTHAT · 17/03/2009 11:29

A lad in my son's class had accused my boy of cutting a chunk out of his hair ... when investigated, it was discovered the child had cut his own hair. This was after the boys mother had gone doo-lally at the teacher and me in the playground. Needless to say she was mortified when she found out the truth. My son has also cut his own shirts and trousers. I think the temptation with the scissors is just too much.

Didn't really like your referral to a child with 'special needs' by the way .... was a bit assumptive that any child with special needs was likely to do this

KristinaM · 17/03/2009 13:48

really ican do that? I didn't read the Op that way at all. I thought she was just being factual - that the child mentioned by her son has additional support needs

i agree with you about hair. my two scissor enthusiasts have also cut their own hair LOL

weddingdress · 17/03/2009 14:33

I told him this morning that I was going to talk to the teacher and that I would be furious if I found out he had lied and tried to get another child into trouble and he admitted he did it himself.

Ican - I'm sorry if I caused offence, it sometimes seems impossible not to on here but was only trying to explain the situation. The boy in question does do some odd things and does have behavioural problems including hurting children and damaging property, but he is also an easy target for the other children when they are looking for someone to blame.

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