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mumsobusy · 13/03/2009 00:08

We now have learned which reception school Ds will go to. My question is what happens now and when or how do we get the uniform. Do we get an invite from the school to see his classroom before the year starts in september????

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Alambil · 13/03/2009 00:52

are you in England? Various countries work differently.

My DS was given a morning in the classroom (minus parents) to experience it and use some of the equipment - he took his favourite toy as security and played on the computer a lot!

That won't happen til about June or July though so that there's more likelihood they'll remember the trip over the holidays in summer.

Could you ring the school and ask when and where the uniform will be available from?

lulu2 · 13/03/2009 09:55

we got a letter from the school inviting us to go into school every Thursday morning for an hour which started in May. Then the school held an evening for new parents where we were given loads of information including about uniform.

Madsometimes · 13/03/2009 10:01

We had an open morning for the children and parents to attend. During this time the children were allowed to go into the reception class and play with the toys and listen to a story. It gave them the chance to meet their teacher and see where they would be. Reception classes are generally set out just like nursery classes, so the layout of the classroom was familiar to the children.

While the children were off having fun, the adults had a short talk from the head, and then met the office staff to do form filling and buy school specific uniform items (jumpers, book bags, PE kit etc).

MrsWicket · 13/03/2009 13:38

We had a new starters parents evening. Head gave a chat about what to expect and what your child will be up too. Viewed school uniform and work children had done. They also had some of the school dinners made up so you could see what was on a typical menu.

Don't forget - order all school uniform before the summer holidays!!!

mumsobusy · 13/03/2009 16:27

Thanks everyone that really helpful info

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katiestar · 13/03/2009 16:49

We have 6 afternoons ,one a week , starting late May , for them to spend time in school.It is up to the parents to decide whether they want to stay or not (all my DCs were quite literally shoving me out of teh door !) Also they can stay for school dinner on those days if they want.

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