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Project X - boys reading

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MollieO · 11/03/2009 14:07


Does anyone know whether they are any good? There is a damning review on Amazon.

OP posts:
bodiddly · 11/03/2009 21:33

I have never heard of these as ds is a little young but will bump for you in case someone else has!

roisin · 11/03/2009 21:42

I don't know them and haven't seen them.
But generally I find OXFORD produce things of the highest possible quality, and the team involved are impressive already.

If it gets some boys reading, it gets my vote!

I like the look of the page spreads on that page.

Can you link to the damning review?

maverick · 12/03/2009 08:19

This a whole language reading scheme from OUP. If you scroll down on this page you'll see why they shouldn't be used with beginning readers.

maverick · 12/03/2009 08:23
MollieO · 12/03/2009 13:20

Maverick, thanks for your response. I was hoping an education professional would help me understand the Amazon review.

That is a shame about this series especially as they are specifically designed to appeal to boys. Ds is a reluctant reader to say the least so I am always on the look out for reading materials that may be of interest to him.

OP posts:
MilaMae · 12/03/2009 14:04

My twin boys are 5 (rec) . I think they're fab, my boys adore them. My boys are good readers for their age and I've been struggling to lately find books that grip their attention. I find their is very little for boys of this age who are good readers. My boys love anything factual,spacey,dinosaurs,machines etc. Dtwin 2 the better reader had the one about Komodo dragons-adored it. beetled down to the shelf to get more. The pictures are fab loads of photos and jazzy illustrations. I think we've got the fossil one which I know they'll love. The pictures and content seem spot on.

I am an ex literacy co-ordinator so know the importance of getting books that excite boys. I haven't had time to really look at the scheme as a whole or read the Amazon review so can only go on my boys reaction. Also as I've been out for 5 years I've no idea what's available for boys now. There may be better ones out there.

Having said this I have to say I'm not sure how good they would be for struggling readers as haven't seen the ones further down and the ones we had in true ORT fashion had several obscure words. I'll try and have a closer look next week.

MilaMae · 12/03/2009 14:05

'there' not 'their' speed typing-sorry

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