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How can I help Y1 dd with subtraction?

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imaginaryfriend · 21/02/2009 21:39

Dd's very good with literacy but not so hot with numeracy. She's getting quite good at addition if the numbers aren't too high or tricky. But she really doesn't get subtraction. I don't know how they teach them to subtract in Y1 so would appreciate any tips?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 26/02/2009 20:43

\lnk{\number square to download and print here}

Hulababy · 26/02/2009 20:44

number square to download and print here

For games we subscribe to Education City which has yeear group ability games to play. I am really imoressed with it and DD loves playing on it. You can get a free trial too.

ellingwoman · 26/02/2009 20:52

Also make sure she knows that all the 'subtraction' words - take away; minus; less than; subtract; difference etc. I know children sometimes get confused and it helps if they know they all mean the same thing!

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