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Easter Fayre.............

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handsomeharrysmum · 09/02/2009 17:32

Hello,like a lot of other school's we really need to raise money and our next project will be an Easter Fayre, apart from raffling easter eggs, selling books and toys that have been donated and a cake stall, does anyone have any really good money making ideas with just a small initial outlay, easter themed.Thanks in advance.

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Ivykaty44 · 09/02/2009 21:51

Easter bonnet parade with photographer, take individual photographs to sell.

Buy chocolate eggs that are plain and sell in the room with the idea that the children ice them, you can get various icing kits from tesco/sains/asda. Same with easter biscuits. This way the children are busy and then the parents have a cuppa tea that they may not have had otherwise from the tea/coffee stall.

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