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Some knowledge of bullying

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slalomsuki · 05/02/2009 17:40

DS told me last weekend that he was aware that a girl in his class was running spelling tests and maths tests in the playground for the other girls to decide who she should play with. If they failed to get the words etc correct she was calling them stupid and not playing with them. Aparently this has been going on for a while and one little girl has now started to cry about it at school.

The mother of the girl who was called stupid told me the other day that her daughter now doesn't want to go to school and is getting worked up on a Sunday so much so that she doesn't eat. I have told the mother what DS said was happening and said that she ought to go to the school to put a stop to this.

She has made an appointment at the school but told me that she wouldn't say the name of the girl who was bullying since her daughter wouldn't confirm it and said that things would be worse if she named the child.

Now my dilemma is do I tell the school what I know. It has been confirmed to me by another child or do I wait until the mother has had a meeting and and see if she volunteers it. I don't want to interfeer but DS has told me this and says it is bullying

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verygreenlawn · 05/02/2009 19:00

I'm afraid in your situation I would give the name. I can see why the girl herself or her mother might not want it to be given, but I don't think this is a situation affecting only this girl.

slalomsuki · 05/02/2009 19:00


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slalomsuki · 06/02/2009 08:55

I mentioned to another teacher this morning who said she would feed it back to the class teacher. So I have done my bit as far as the school is concerned

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