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sobeda · 28/01/2009 11:56

Can anyone clarify for me when my DS2 will start reception in England ? He will be 4 on August 14 2010, does he start reception at 4.1 in September? Thank you

OP posts:
Tinkerbel6 · 28/01/2009 11:58

Yes, unless there are 2 intakes then he might start in the Jnauary.

theresonlyme · 28/01/2009 11:58

Yes, he will start Sept 2010 though some schools still have a January in take.

IdrisTheDragon · 28/01/2009 12:01

Depends exactly where you are what the policy is. Here he would start in Sept 2010 and be mornings only for two terms and then full time in the summer term.

Smithagain · 28/01/2009 12:03

Same here. And beware that school applications have to be in terrifyingly early in some places. In this county, you would have to be applying for a school place in October this year, to have him in Reception in Sept 2010.

sobeda · 28/01/2009 12:07

Thanks everyone. It's so young! We come from Australia where the trend is more to start at 5 or even 6.

OP posts:
IdrisTheDragon · 28/01/2009 12:13

Also here, the forms for school entry come out in July and have to be in during September.

Seeline · 28/01/2009 12:19

My DD was 4 last July she started reception in Sept and was full time before teh Oct half term break.

MollieO · 28/01/2009 22:02

If he were in my LEA he would miss reception completely and start in year 1 in Sept 2011! Children born between 1 Sept and 1 May are the only ones who get any time in reception.

IdrisTheDragon · 29/01/2009 14:41

Which LEA is that? I think that's a rather odd idea

Runoutofideas · 29/01/2009 16:06

I think that legally you can start him in Sept 2010 but you don't have to start him until the term after he turns 5 ie Sept 2011, however he would completely miss reception and start in year one with children who had mainly been together for a year.

MollieO · 29/01/2009 17:58

Windsor and Maidenhead. They don't do rising 5s so that has an impact only on summer born children.

me23 · 01/03/2009 12:15

our lea have january intake for kids born in summer. It seems as though a lot of LEAS don't have this anymore?

karise · 02/03/2009 11:49

Legally, they don't have to start until the term they turn 5!
We had all this with DD- an August baby. We were very lucky to have an understanding head who would register her in September & then defer entry until Easter.
If you don't think DS is ready, don't do it! DD's 1st school wanted her full time as soon as she turned 3 . We ended up taking her out of the school because she couldn't cope.
You are the best judge of when he's ready, go with your instrincts!

swanriver · 02/03/2009 12:01

I sent mine mornings only till he was 5 yrs. School didn't like it, but it worked well for him. Other mums I knew at different schools did the same.

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