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7yo Year 2 still not forming her letters correctly.

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VanessaParody · 25/01/2009 21:36

This is my DD1. Free-reader, average maths, can and does write sentences and understands comprehension etc but she still doesn't form her letters correctly, the spaces between letters and words are erratic and she presses too hard. d, b & p are sometimes back to front. As are her numbers 2, 5 & 9.

Cursive writing is totally absent. She did the phonics books etc in Reception & Yr 1 but it has not penetrated. DH & I correct/demonstrate whenever we sit and do writing with her (about 3 times a week).

She has been set a huge amount of written English homework this week and it has been PAINFUL to watch. She's only halfway through it and has at least 2 pages left to write.

There has been no improvement for at least 2 terms. Teacher has suggested work sheets but we do what we can at home already.

What to do?

PS. I am now buggering off to do chores. So thks for any help and I'll be back on later/tomorrow.

OP posts:
Hulababy · 25/01/2009 21:40

Reversed letters such as b/d, and 2/s/z are still very common AFAIK in Y2, and beyond. It generally sorts itself out in juniors though.

My 6y Y2 DD still reverses b/d regularly.

How much homework as she got? If she has already done some and still has 2 pages more to go it sounds like way way too much for a Y2 child! DD has nowhere near that amount.

Feenie · 25/01/2009 21:42

As a teacher of Y2 ofr the last 5 years, I cannot believe the amount of homework she has! I can't believe she even has 2 pages to write, never mind 2 pages still left to do.

I linked to some handwriting websites the other day - will find the thread, must be more fun for your poor dd than worksheets and extra hwk. Hang on...

Feenie · 25/01/2009 21:43


VanessaParody · 25/01/2009 21:51

This amount of homework is unusual. There are questions on comprehension, adverbs, pre-fixes and writing out sentences using words found in dictionary. They weren't set homework in the 2 weeks up to Christmas (except spellings & reading) and the teacher has been off sick first 2 weeks of this term, so perhaps she's cramming them to catch up?
OP posts:
Feenie · 25/01/2009 21:52

Easier to post links here:

This one has patterns to draw to help with fine motor control.

Click Literacy here and scroll down to Let's Write letters - fun interactive writing.

This costs £20 to print, but you can viewing the animations is free.

Another here

Please tell her teacher how long it is taking her to do the homework - and ask why she has to do pages of writing for homework anyway?!

Hulababy · 25/01/2009 21:52

I would refuse to allow DD to do that amount of homework TBH. It can;t be very motivating and I would question what the learning objectives could be from such a vast amount of homework.

DD gets about 10 mins homework max a night.

Hulababy · 25/01/2009 21:54

For school materials when I am working in the Y1 class as a TA I use sparklebox website a lot.

Feenie · 25/01/2009 21:54

viewing the animations is free Sorry, v tired!

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