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PIPS testing in P1

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loflo · 20/01/2009 20:23

DS is starting school in Aug this year (we are in Scotland) and apparently they use PIPs testing as an assessment method. Anyone know anything about it?


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FromGirders · 20/01/2009 20:30

Don't know a lot about it (not even what it stands for ) but my ds is in P1. Apparently they do the pips test one to one, and it's a computer thing. It certainly covers maths /numbers, not sure what else.
It was very helpful for us / ds's teachers, because he doesn't put himself forward in class, and is a bit slow to do work, but the PIPs showed his ability better because it was just him and the teacher, so they've made sure he's in the right group and is given work that doesn't leave him bored senseless. The pips tests get done at intervals throughout primary school, he'll be done again towards the end of p1.

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