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playing in the reception class

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adastreet · 19/01/2009 19:59

Hi, I am a reception class teacher and I am seriously worried that many teachers are not teaching our 4 and 5 year olds. Do parents realise that in the current Early Years curriculum guidance there is no recommendation to actually TEACH. we can deliver, and give opportunities but no one is asking us to teach. Do any parents have experience of feeling that their children are not being taught the basic skills?

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adastreet · 26/01/2009 22:01

So where did I say that my reception children didn't enjoy a play based continuous curriculum? My classroom is full of nooks and crannies for the children to practise, rehearse, experiment and understand with the skills and the knowledge that I am proud to say I TEACH. But many reception class teachers feel, from working with the EYFS guidance that this is not required of them. They actually wouldn't know what to teach next, as the assessment tool of 117 differently weighted criteria is totally unmanageable and does not inform what the child needs next.

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Portofino · 26/01/2009 22:11

My dd's maternelle is fantastic. She eats a wide range of food. They are always off to the museum, or a local bakery, or the supermarket, or to see a puppet show. She knows a huge amount about the weather, fish, water, dinosaurs, the seasons etc. They haven't even started on reading and writing yet, but she asks me questions i have to look up the answers to!

Part of me worries that, when my friend brings her dd over at half term, I will be worrying about my dds lack of reading and writing skills. But the other half of me thinks that friend's dd won't have a clue about how you grow wheat and how to knock up a croissant!

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