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living in corfe mullen and Broadstone

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saraka · 17/01/2009 14:22

Hello Twinset and anyone else who can help.

I was told you live in the area and was wondering if you could tell me more about Corfe mullen and Broadstone. We are moving in February and need to make a decision.

Could I have your opinion on the following first schools : Henbury View, Rushcombe, Springdale.

Are there plenty of activities for under 5's.

Where are the parks?

What kind of shops are there in corfe Mullen

Which areas are nice and have plenty of families

Which areas should we avoid.



OP posts:
psychomum5 · 17/01/2009 14:25

look out for surfermum too, as she actually does live in broadstone.......twinset is in blandford so a bit further out.

I am in bournemouth, so cant advise on schools sorry, but corfe mullen looks nice to drive thru

saraka · 18/01/2009 17:23

Thanks for your message psychomum. .

OP posts:
saraka · 18/01/2009 17:24

Thanks for your message psychomum. .

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 18/01/2009 17:32

I am too far out saraka and very new to the area.


Chocolate teapot was a great help to me as well when I moved here.

twinsetandpearls · 18/01/2009 17:49

The secondary is supposed to be quite good, it is the main rival for the school I teach in, although I dont think the results are quite as good.

I think we looked at some areas around Corfe
Mullen and really liked it.

twinsetandpearls · 18/01/2009 17:53

Sorry keep clicking post and then thinking of more things to add.

We moved in August and found Poole LEA spectacularly unhelpful, whereas Dorset were better. I tended to email schools directly rather than go through the LEA.

When I moved we were advised by Mumsnetters that Broadstone was nice for famillies, it may be worth hunting out my moving threads.

Surfermum · 18/01/2009 17:53

Hi Saraka. I think of the two areas I'd prefer Broadstone to Corfe Mullen. It's very popular and the house prices reflect that.

Springdale school was my second choice and is apparently very good, but I think Broadstone First (where dd goes) is excellent and I can't rate it highly enough. They recently had an Ofsted inspection and were rated outstanding in all areas. I don't know what the other schools are like.

There's a large park in Broadstone with swings, cricket ground, lots of woods. There's also a cycle path through some lovely woods one way and down to Upton Country Park, round Holes Bay and down to the Quay the other way. Corfe Mullen also has a recreation park and dd loves the swing park there, it is better than the Broadstone one.

We have a leisure centre with a pool, all the usual facilities plus an indoor soft play area. Corfe Mullen has a private sports club.

There are at least 4 toddler groups that I can think of, there's things like Jungle Gyms and swimming sessions. I have made some lovely friends through those, and through school even more.

Bus services from Broadstone are better than Corfe Mullen. And the shops are definitely better. In Corfe Mullen you have a spar type shop, blockbusters, an indian restaurant, a chip shop (I think). I can't remember what else, but not that much.
Broadstone has a Somerfield, Tesco Express, shoe and clothes shops (but not your usual high street ones), newsagents, chemists, hairdressers, cobblers, charity shops, a cafe, greengrocers, very good butchers, florists, gift shop, dry cleaners.

There's a variety of restaurants Italian, Indian, Bistro, Fish & chip. And takeaways - italian, indian, chinese, chippy, kebab shop. We have a wine bar and a couple of pubs. The Goods Yard is excellent and was refurbished last year.

There's a real community feel to Broadstone. Where the shops are is known as the village, and the parking area is known as the toast rack! We have a pantomime and a Christmas parade. And there are loads of activities and clubs - dancing, Rainbows and brownies etc, yoga.

Corfe Mullen I'd say is absolutely fine, lots of families but probably (and I have never lived there) not as much going on there as in Broadstone.

Are you going to be buying or renting?

twinsetandpearls · 18/01/2009 17:56

moving thread one

thread 2

twinsetandpearls · 18/01/2009 17:57

From what I can remember we really rated Broadstone First School as well.

FiveGoMadInDorset · 18/01/2009 18:00

Twinset - well done your school, you all manage to beat most of the boys public schools in the county in the league tables

twinsetandpearls · 18/01/2009 18:02

Really fiveGoMad have to admit that I am not a huge one for league tables, but I will investigate now i know it is good

From what I can see our results are going to improve over the next two years.

fishie · 18/01/2009 18:04

fil lives in corfe mullen. i don't know much about schools but think i'd go for broadstone too with a small child. there is a co-op in cm but swimming pool in broadstone.

which is the good butcher in broadstone surfermum, i've only been in the one opposite supermarket, not the one at end of shops. have never understood why there are two are you all mad carnivores?

Surfermum · 18/01/2009 18:41

lol @ mad carnivores! We've got at least 6 hairdressers too.

saraka · 21/01/2009 15:30

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your great messages, they are very helpful.

We are having difficulties selling our property in Gloucestershire so will start off renting. We are looking for a 3 bed property in either the catchment areas for Henbury view, Rushcombe, Springdale.

Does anyone know where the catchement area for Springdale goes to.

Could anyone give me names of the biggest agents for renting. Thanks


OP posts:
Surfermum · 22/01/2009 13:08

I think if you look on the Borough of Poole website it will tell you what the catchment areas are.

The only rental agents I know is Allen and Bath.

Where in Glos are you? I moved here from Cirencester! .

littlsar · 10/02/2009 20:58

I live in Broadstone, we moved here about 2 years ago. We love it. I know families at all the schools you mention and have not heard anything bad about any of them. My 4yr old is at Broadstone 1st school and he is very happy there although there is quite a strong academic focus there which is not really his 'thing'. i you want any more info get in touch.

FiveGoMadInDorset · 10/02/2009 20:59

Most agents will have a letting side, you could try Goadsby.

Izzyloo · 24/01/2013 11:21

Hi, I would strongly advise that you look at Springdale First School in preference to Broadstone First School, it appears standards gone rapidly downhill in the last 2 or so years...really a shame as for so many years it was so highly thought of. They seem to know the right things to say to parents looking at the school initially but fail on delivery..time and time again. If looking at this school i suggest you ask parents at the school how they feel - wish we had!!

coast1000 · 31/08/2015 08:31

Hi All... we're new to the area and my son starts school at Springdale this week. The website says school starts tomorrow (Tuesday 1st Sept 2015) - I wondered if you knew (or know anyone) that has kids that go to Springdale and if the start date actually is tomorrow - I was sure that there were some teacher training days but can't see any info anywhere... thanks very much...

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