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very dull fraction question......

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Ingles2 · 16/01/2009 16:20

can anyone please tell me how yr 4 would answer this kind of fraction question....
4/6 of 24=
would they do
4x24=96 divided by 6=16
24 divided by 6=4x4=16
or something else altogether...?
Sorry, so boring but ds is getting confused. Ta x

OP posts:
fryalot · 16/01/2009 16:22

24 / 6

x 4

= the answer

so the answer would be 16

(I think)

blametheparents · 16/01/2009 16:23

My D would do
24 divided by 6 to get to 1/6th of 24 (Ie 4)
and then mulitiply by 4 to get 4/6ths (ie 16)

Tigerschick · 16/01/2009 16:24

The second way.

24 divided by 6 then times the answer (4) by 4 (16).

stuffitllama · 16/01/2009 16:25

are you supposed to simplify to 2/3 of 24?

whichever way

divide by the bottom first and multiply by the top is the most usual method

Ingles2 · 16/01/2009 16:32

Ha! Dh and I were just arguing over it. I'm right....
as always
of to help ds. Thanks ladies.

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