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Does anyone think this is a little strange?

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nobag · 15/01/2009 12:28

I have name changed just incase the teacher is a mn, dont want her knowing all about my life.
Ds2 is in yr1. My mum picked him up from after school club on tuesday and he didnt have his school bag, she asked where it was and he got very upset and explained that child A in his class had put it in the recycling bin and this child had said he had done it to get ds2 in trouble and when the teacher looked the bin had been emptied. As you cam imagine he was very very upset. As I was working the next day so knew I could not chat to school in the morning so I sent the school an email. The next day I got a reply saying ds2 must of got confused and his teacher had kept his bag as she had not had time to hear him read so she could do it the next day, but the plastic bag with his wet pants had accidently gone in the bin. Anyhow when ds got home I chatted with him and he said that when he got to school his bag was in the basket and teacher said she had kept it, so I asked him about child A and he said that child A said that he would put his bag in the bin etc but he was only joking. I then looked in his bag and in his reading record book it is dated that she read with him on the tuesday when apparently she didnt have time to, although I suppose its possible she might of put the wrong date down.
It just doesnt add up to me, firstly the date in his book. Secondly is it normal for a teacher to keep a bag because she had not heard him read? Its also very strange for her to keep the bag when he gets a new set of spellings every tuesday, so it meant he could not practice his spellings. The school also encourages us to read with them every night but how can we when she has the bag. I also think it is cruel to withhold his bag, can you imagine if I was a witch of a mother who punished him because I persumed he had lost/forgotten his bag.
Part of me thinks I have to let this drop as I cant go accusing school of lying, but if they are then they are making out my son is either confused or lying. It doesnt make sense it me. What do you think?
I know this is very long so thankyou if you have read this far.

OP posts:
ajandjjmum · 15/01/2009 12:32

Children do get confused, and as you're unlikely to get a straightforward story I would let it drop, but store the experience for future reference if necessary.

nobag · 15/01/2009 12:48

Should I just make a point of saying that keeping his bag is not fair as he cant do his new spelling and might make parents think the child had forget it?

OP posts:
nobag · 15/01/2009 14:16

Sorry to be a pest, but wondering if anyone else had any views. As I actually got a meeting with school at 3.30 for an entirely different matter, and the school put in the email that if I wanted to chat further about it they will see me at this meeting. Really not sure what to do

OP posts:
NAB3lovelychildren · 15/01/2009 14:18

I would be honest and say some things don't add up and can they explain.

I felt bad yesterday as I hadn't put DS1's reading record in his bag so he said he didn't get a prize or points.

nobag · 15/01/2009 14:30

Yeah, I think I have to say something but without sounding like I am accusing them. I'm not very good at this sort of stuff, I get panicked then it all comes out wrong.

OP posts:
NAB3lovelychildren · 15/01/2009 14:35

I am still annoyed with myself that I told off my child instead of having strong words about something the teacher had said. YOu have to stick up for your kids imo.

nobag · 15/01/2009 14:41

If I had come home when I was a kid and said the teacher has kept my bag, not that he said that, I would off got punished for forgetting my bag and told off for lying that the teacher had it, dm would of persumed. If I was like my mum ds would of been in trouble if he hadnt been confused and said the teacher had his bag.

OP posts:
nobag · 15/01/2009 14:42

Dont worry about telling him off NAB, he has probably forgot and no of us ever get it perfect

OP posts:
NAB3lovelychildren · 15/01/2009 14:47

I told him off in front of the teacher which made it worse. I stil glare when I see her as she was totally out of order.

cat64 · 15/01/2009 15:01

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