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writing small - in the lines

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angelbutterfly · 14/01/2009 10:15

I have a boy who is 4 and a half and can't write small as in the lines. He is in reception and every morning the kids go in and have to do writing letters all the kids can do hand writing small and in the lines.he can write the letters but they are big he can't do them small.The teacher said he did some writing the other day but wasn't concentrating and she couln't read it.The other kids have commented on it and the teacher said not to worry but i can't help it.he is one of the youngest in his class and does not like writing (likes reading).i just hope he's going to get it before he starts year one.

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purepurple · 14/01/2009 14:59

I really wouldn't worry about this at all. And I bet he is not the only one that writes like this. Maybe they need to buy paper with bigger lines!

pigsinmud · 14/01/2009 15:10

Oh my dd1 is very behind then! Reception children writing small between the lines - crikey ds1 has only just cracked this and he's in yr6!!

angelbutterfly · 14/01/2009 15:28

you know what i guess there just kids and they'll all crack it in their own time!

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