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Suffolk reading test

3 replies

Malkaperlichka · 10/01/2009 09:13

Has anyone have any idea of where to get some examples of the test? My Dd will be sitting one shortly for a selective 7+ entry. Googling was not much help, it is only available to schools.

OP posts:
maverick · 10/01/2009 09:20

Sorry, not the Suffolk test, but various other test available here:

kittybrown · 10/01/2009 19:27

I don't know where to get an exaple but I
can tell you how it's set out.

It has sentences with a word missing and then a choice of 4 words and you have to choose the right word.

The sentences and words get progressivly harder.

samanthar · 11/01/2009 21:05
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