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Can anyone reccomend 'workbooks' for Yr 3 children?

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drinkmoretea · 08/01/2009 20:58

my dts need some extra help and i thought if they had 'workbooks' to use when they wanted - not pushed on them it may help.

I am confused by all of them in Whsmiths and don't know what would be best...

OP posts:
Nell12 · 08/01/2009 21:01

Do you mean exercise books that they can write in or books with questions and tips in?

drinkmoretea · 08/01/2009 21:02

ones with questions tips etc

OP posts:
Iwanttobeamillionaire · 08/01/2009 21:05

Dont know if this helps but my son is very hard to motivate when it comes to reading and writing (he is yr3 and very sport orientated!)

I brought him a puzzle book for kids, ones with cross words, word searches, number puzzles etc and now he happily sits and completes them.

I am shocked by how much it has caught his attention.

It may not be the extra help you are on about but i look on it as brain training the old fashioned way!

Nell12 · 08/01/2009 21:08

Do they need lots of extra help or just a little encouragement? If the latter, then the WHSmith books are fine, just go for the ones that are aimed for their age, or as they are Year 3, go for the Key Stage 1 SATs style things which are aimed at end of year 2.

Is it Literacy, Numeracy or something else they need help in?

drinkmoretea · 08/01/2009 22:09

its their literacy and numeracy that i'm concerned about, they are quite a bit below average and want to help them 'catch up' if thats possible...

OP posts:
piscesmoon · 08/01/2009 22:26

I would speak to the teacher and work together. I am sure there are lots of fun things, like games, that you could do rather than workbooks.

snice · 08/01/2009 22:27

Have you tried the BBC website? -there are quite good games in the schools section banded by age/ability level

piscesmoon · 08/01/2009 22:30

The Woodlands Junior School site is much better than workbooks-lots of maths and literacy games to play.
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