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Quick question re:ORT

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tigermeow · 03/01/2009 21:38

Where do the ORT Robin books fit in to the scheme? I've looked on the ORT site but can't find much about them.
DD picked one up at the library today and loved it. It looks harder than her normal school readng book but there wasn't a level on it...any ideas?
Many thanks.

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Hulababy · 03/01/2009 22:00

Found this:

More complex than the Owls Storybooks, the Robins branch offers quicker progress for more competent readers.

 ORT Stage 6 Robins
The Dump Max Makes Breakfast

 ORT Stage 7 Robins
The Old Vase William and the Dog The Long Journey
Mum?s New Car

 ORT Stage 8 Robins
The Emergency Kate and the Sheep

 ORT Stage 8 More Robins
The Surprise William?s Mistake

 ORT Stage 9 Robins
The Photograph The Village Show A Proper Bike

 ORT Stage 9 More Robins
Treasure Hunt Hamid does his best William and the Pied Piper

 ORT Stage 10 Robins
The Holiday The Secret Plans

 ORT Stage 10 More Robins
Ghost Tricks The Discovery

Followed by Jackdaws I think.

tigermeow · 03/01/2009 22:04

Brilliant, thank you very much!

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