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what uniform items does your child have for primary school to wear

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tinkisabigpinksparklybauble · 20/12/2008 16:14


just interested dd starts primary school next sept.
have just been to adams and purchased school uniform items in half price sale :-
grey pinafore dress
pack of short sleeved white tops with collars
white short sleeved blouse
short grey skirt

do these items sound like what your child wears

OP posts:
Sawyer64 · 20/12/2008 16:18

Yes definitely.
Plus a grey cardigan,black/Grey tights.

I did think about long sleeved blouses/Polo shirts,but glad I didnt as the sleeves would get filthy!

I also got some trousers for winter at Asda,but they have gone very bobbley,so got some more from Mothercare,which havent.

27 · 20/12/2008 16:19

Pretty much. I bought my DD some trousers too when she started, but she would never wear them (very few of the girls do).
She has a bit more than you have bought - about 6 shirts, and 3 dresses and 2 skirts.
also a few cardigans.

It is a balancing act between buying a load of stuff in advance that you then find out your DD wont wear because it somehow doesnt fit in with what they think is fashionable and not buying much and then finding out that a week after they start school the shops have all sold out of the school stuff.

compo · 20/12/2008 16:21

well the white shirts would be no good at my ds' school as they wear yellow polo neck short sleeved sweat shirts with a brown jumper over it and a PE shirt is also yello, no white required!!

ChasingSquirrels · 20/12/2008 16:23

don't you have a uniform lift for the school?

Ours wear navy, black or grey skirts, pinafores, trousers or shorts
red or white polo's
red gingham dresses
red cardigan/sweatshirts

Sawyer64 · 20/12/2008 16:29

Would'nt like it much if my DD1 started telling me she wouldn't wear something at 4 yrs old

Most of the girls wear trousers in my DD school.

Think you can get some basics,and then add to it after they have started.

Hulababy · 20/12/2008 16:29

Do you have a uniform list?

DD's school has a very specific uniform, whereas some of our local schools are more relaxed but do have colour preferences.

27 · 20/12/2008 17:13

I was a bit surprised to. There was a lot of difference between nursery and school in that respect.
I think the problem was that she always had a choice, so she would always just choose to wear the dress or the skirt, and then we got to the summer and I realised the trousers had never been worn.
If I was any quicker at doing the washing I doubt the skirts would be worn either, as she much prefers the dresses.

LIZS · 20/12/2008 17:20

have you visited the school to see what they wear ? Sounds pretty generic but you never know.

SparklyBaubleFeast · 20/12/2008 17:22

you shoudl get a list, some schools are quite particular re black or grey for example and tights and sock colour, preferring school logo cardigans

needmorecoffee · 20/12/2008 17:24

white polo shirt, cardi from the school and grey leggings.
We didn't bother with a PE kit.

tinkisabigpinksparklybauble · 20/12/2008 18:03

we visited the school in sept and the kids and grey bottoms on . the school do blue jumpers.
will not get any more bits wait and see what there uniform consists of.

OP posts:
Seona1973 · 20/12/2008 19:52

in ours they wear red polo shirts and grey trousers, skirts, pinafores, cardigans, etc. DD has 5 polo shirts (one for each day), 2 pinafores, 3 skirts, 1 pair of trousers 2 cardigans and a couple of school logo jumpers that she never wears as she gets too hot in school and they end up in her schoolbag!! She also has a couple of pairs of cycling shorts for gym, grey school socks and 2 pairs each of grey and red tights. We dont need any white items either.

Clary · 20/12/2008 21:54

tink I think you need a uniform list.

Some schools ask for red or yellow polos not white (tho most are white I agree).

But yes your list is roughly what DD wears. Plus a logo cardie.

islandofsodor · 20/12/2008 22:55

It depends on the schgools. Whjilst most primaries are greey pinafores or skirts some are navy. ALso some schools wear polo shirts and some have shirts/blouses with a few having coloured polo shirts.

Each school will have a particular colour jumper or sweatshirt.

pooka · 20/12/2008 22:57

DD wears grey or green skirt/tunic.
White or yellow polo shirt
Grey or green tights
Green jumper/cardy.

ThingOne · 20/12/2008 22:59

Some are fussy about shoes as well. You'll also need a gym kit but you'll have to wait until you find out the colour.

I got all my DS1's in M&S 3for2 in June/July before he started in September. Lots of the big shops have good school uniform promotions before the end of the summer term. White poloshirts were mostly £2 or £3 for 3 even at full price.

MollieO · 20/12/2008 23:06

Grey shirt/shorts/socks, green sweatshirt with school badge. Summer wear same except green polo shirts instead of grey shirts. We have a very detailed uniform list that is on the school website.

kyrasmummy · 22/12/2008 19:10

Grey skirt/dress/trousers/tights
Red Jumper/cardigan/tights/p.e t shirt
White polo shirt
Black p.e shorts.

I bought 5 shirts, 5 tights, 3 skirts, 3 dresses and 5 pairs of trousers, 4 cardis and 1 jumper.
She prefers to wear trousers and most of the girls do, she started reception this year

Madsometimes · 01/01/2009 11:16

Our school does not let the girls wear school trousers, so best to check with individual school about uniform policy.

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