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daughter age 8 being left when told to get into pairs [sad]

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t875 · 12/12/2008 18:10

My daughter has started a new class in juniors. They split the classes and she didnt end up being with her best friends as they went into another class. She has gone very shy and into herself as there are very bossy children in her class and 5 of the girls got to stay together from their classes {different to my daughter}in infants so basically they have been together from the begining of infants.

because my daughter only stuck with these two girls and she hasnt got them in her class she is aleinated herself a bit from other children.

BIG problem though is...the teacher is asking them to get into pairs and no one is chosing her.

I am thinking maybe to ask my friend to ask her boy how my daughter is being in class, if maybe its her fault, he also is being left on his own..
thinking to ask the teacher about her also, how she is interating...

She literally asked 6 children today and they said no "im going with...

I am annoyed that the teacher has done this, as all the children that dont get a partner its looking like they are not liked/popular and its bothering her now..which in turn is bothering me.

Been through it...any advise???
I feel sad for my daughter i am working on her to make more effort building her confidence, im even getting her a new hair style tomorrow as hers looks a bit drab...and I have said for her not to play with her best friends at break as she is alienating herself..

I know this long, but any advise will be great.

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klover · 12/12/2008 20:42

I think you should talk to her teachers and see if they feel there is any need to feel concerned. Maybe you could also ask her teacher to pair her up with someone rather than putting her in a situation where she feels left out. She is at an age where she will feel very sensitive towards these things so get her a new hair cut and do what you can to instill more confidence in her. I found the most amazing acting/ drama classes for my dd outside of school worked amazingly at giving her confidence and something to focus on, and introducing her to new friends.

t875 · 13/12/2008 17:11

Thanks Klover for your reply. Dont know why my message went twice.

That is a good point about drama classes i have been thinking about this a lot for her. There is a HSM workshop drama thing in february. I am also going to work on her image in a big way and confidence.

Thanks again

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