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Does it matter how much you spend on a gift for teacher and is cheese a suitable present?

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isit · 03/12/2008 22:54

I have a number of teachers and TA's to buy for and am hoping to avoid it eating too much into the Christmas budget. So my questions are:

-Do the teachers expect presents?
-Do they remember who sent what and does that make any difference to them?
-I have seen some nicely presented cheeses which work out around £1.50 per gift. Would this be OK? I like it because it's not chocolate, but is still consumable. I'm thinking they probably don't want 30 boxes of chocs, or trinkets?

I'd like to send a token thank you from my DCs.

OP posts:
Littlefish · 03/12/2008 22:57

I would love some delicious cheese! Particularly if it came with some nice crackers. Yummy.

Twinklemegan · 03/12/2008 22:59

I think cheese is a lovely idea. A bit different, which shows some thought behind it.

SquiffyHock · 03/12/2008 22:59

When I used to teach I got gifts from roughly half the class and honestly didn't think anything of it if a child didn't give me anything. I loved handmade cards and gifts - DS has made fudge and saltdough tree decorations!

bahcornsilk · 03/12/2008 23:00

yes cheese would be a lovely pressie.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly · 03/12/2008 23:14

I'm, erm, unsure. The suitability of cheese is making me giggle. Which perhaps is a good thing?

Tommy · 03/12/2008 23:21

I would say (having been a teacher although in secondary school which is a bit different)


I taught for 10 years and can remember only a few presents:
lovely mug and coffee filters
nice little basket with sweets in (still use basket)
2 goldfish (complete with tank)

Cheese sounds great and would be different

AnotherFineMess · 03/12/2008 23:25

Am reading the whole thread in a Wallace & Grommet accent.

I'd like CHEESE. Cheese is great.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly · 03/12/2008 23:47

I think it's making me laugh bcs dd has been talking about the baby cheese-us recently.

stealthsquiggle · 03/12/2008 23:52

Cheese sounds good but make sure they know what is in it - otherwise if they stick it under the tree until Christmas Day it might be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Littlefish · 04/12/2008 06:55

A very good point stealthsquiggle! Can you imagine the pong!!!!!

Lots of "baby Cheeeeeeese-us" in this house too onbatmother. Dd has to carry him to Mary in her nursery nativity so we've been practising slow walking, and looking serious.

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