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How to help DS (Reception year) when he won't tell the teacher himself?

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ksld · 03/12/2008 13:56

DS is due to start Reception in January and is going up there from the Nursery for a number of days this term. He is not enjoying any of the days he goes to 'school' and every day comes home with a new problem.

So far we have had - other people being mean, other people scaring him, not having anywhere to sit to eat lunch so not eating, couldn't open his drink so didn't drink, and today was kicked by another child. I have told and told him to talk to the TA who takes them to lunch, and he knows her name and says she is nice. But he is shy and just will not say anything to her.

How can I convince him to tell?

OP posts:
Doodle2U · 03/12/2008 14:00

You talk to the TA and ask her to keep an eye out. Once she's helped him a few times, he might not feel so shy about asking.

Sounds like he's feeling pretty unconfident about the move up to school. He needs some extra support so speak to his teachers.

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