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Over-rehearsing for Christmas Plays (rant)

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subtlemouse · 02/12/2008 18:05

DS Yr 4 has spent 21 out of the last 40 lesson periods rehearsing for their school show. The whole of this week will be disrupted for performances.Half the 'actual' lessons have been games/PE. I am very unhappy at the complete abandonment of the rest of the curriculum - no maths, science, little literacy, or anything. (It's an independent, so I guess no redress for lack of literacy hour!) I've raised this in the past and been told 'To put on a show of this standard, this is how much rehearsal is needed'.

Why do teachers get the idea that they are preparing for a Broadway opening instead of a bunch of 9yr olds entertaining their parents? I don't care if they forget their words - but I do care if they forget their times tables because they haven't practiced them for so long...

(Feel better now! thanks for listening)

OP posts:
Hulababy · 03/12/2008 19:11

Is it a particularly long play?

At DD's school the play s only about 30 minutes long so rehearsing not too bad. Last rehearsal today anyway as the nativities are tomorrow and Friday. DD is very excited!

brainfreeze · 03/12/2008 19:33

Their play involves all 3 years and I've been told by a member of staff it will last approx. 45 mins. I only hope the little ones are taken off somewhere and not kept on stage for the duration.

They are having 4 performances and 2 are in the evening. All a bit over the top, but maybe I'm just an idealist!?

Could go on all night about this one, but I think I've just lost the will to live

LIZS · 03/12/2008 19:39

ds has a play tomorrow and Friday evenings. They rehearsed during several lessons last week having previously done it scene by scene in drama lessons and a weekly session after school since end September , after school on Thursday, all day Sunday, Monday afternoon , dress rehearsal yesterday morning.... The kids are shattered but hopefully will enjoy it.

brainfreeze · 03/12/2008 19:45

Blimey ... are you sure this a christmas play and not on Broadway ?!?! Hope it goes well !!

Hulababy · 03/12/2008 19:51

We have had no out of school time rehearsals. The play involves all of pre prep (infants) but that is only 30 children anyway. The rehearsals initially took place within the normal music and drama lessons, since returning after half term. Last two weeks have had full rehearsals int he hall a couple of times a week, plus a dress rehearsal today.

Shows are taking place twice, both within school time this week.

hippipotami · 03/12/2008 20:06

Goodness, it is amazing how different each school is

At ds's junior school they are putting on a huge 9300 pupils involved) show (an hour and a half long) with the speaking parts given to the Y6 children. Y5,4,3 could audition for small dancing parts (approx 30 parts available) and the choir. Those not dancing or choir are the chorus.

They have been rehearsing by scene (so all witches and witch dancers together, all ugly sisters together etc) in small groups after school since half term. This is treated like an afterschool club - the parents have to sign a permission slip so they know the commtiment they take on.

Only the week before the performance is the play rehearsed with the entire school present, so those academic types who are in teh chorus only miss 2 afternoons of school (and one of those is the grandparent's performance).
The arty types rehearse after school several times a week and then also only miss two afternoons of schooll.

It is very much treated as something 'in addition to' normal school life, not instead of.

And I have to say, as the mother of an 'arty' type (he is an ugly sister dancer, in a ballgown, feather boa, wig and full make up ) I like it this way. And the shows are usually fantastic!

Oh and the infant school where dd is are doing a 30 minute play per class. So small adn intimate and nothing too big. Each child has a maximum of 4 lines to say, so nothing too taxing

hippipotami · 03/12/2008 20:06

Not 9300 pupils, that should read (300 pupils) !!

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