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Dress Code for Parents.....

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gremlindolphin · 27/11/2008 10:48

A Dad at our school picked up his child from Reception Class yesterday wearing a top which said in bold letters "don't f**king ask me I'm busy enough already".

I think that this is totally inappropriate clothing for this situation - anyone agree?

OP posts:
DoubleBluff · 27/11/2008 10:49

You are kidding?
Inapropriate to wear anywhere let alone school.
Did the t-shirt have the asteersiks on or the whole word?
Not that it really matters as weither is offensive.

gremlindolphin · 27/11/2008 10:52

The whole word! I was gobsmacked!

OP posts:
OneBoyOneGirl · 27/11/2008 10:53


FarmerChristmas · 27/11/2008 10:58

We have a mum who wears a black t-shirt with a cartoon drawing of a man smoking a spliff. It says "I got stoned in Amsterdam" on it in red, green and yellow


PheasantPlucker · 27/11/2008 11:03

I work on a Paediatric Ward and one of the Dad's came in wearing a Tshirt saying 'You say Tomato..... I say f++k you'. I did a double take!! (ie whole word!)

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