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Fundraising! - Boring i know! - Do you organise any of these ideas?

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sunnyshine · 26/11/2008 22:55

Hello, am new to committee and have come up with some fundraising ideas and am investigating them! They are Quiz night, ie how much per team, how many rounds etc etc.a scavanger hunt type thing where you find stuff and stick it onto paper then return and win a prize. Also has anyone organised an auction of promises that could help me out!!

OP posts:
Furball · 27/11/2008 07:05

we always find kiddies bingo night a success. Parents have to play as well and it's so much for a strip of bingo tickets. People donate prizes adults and childrens (ie any old unused christmas presents or packs of lollies etc) you need someone with a 'big voice' to do the calling but everyone has fun. We have a big tin of say celebrations or similar and do 'spot prizes' where if you have the next number called you put your hand up and someone comes round with the tin and you pick a sweet.

You also bring your own nibbles and drinks to munch through, though you could sell stuff to make extra but then it would probably make it quite and expensive night.

Raalix · 27/11/2008 07:12

A huge fundraiser in a school I worked in was to get the children to release their own CD. Most schools now have portable CD recording machines (made by Coombe)and you plug a mic in and it records straight to CD.

We did a Christmas CD with each class performing two Christmas songs. Each CD cost less than £1 to make but we sold them for £5.00 and made well over £700!

Furball · 27/11/2008 07:53

fab idea Raalix - I'll mention that at our next meeting.

Raalix · 27/11/2008 17:09

Coomber *sp

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