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keevamum · 21/11/2008 16:53

My DD1 is in the first term of Year 4. We have just had her parent's evening and we are feeling very deflated. I know she is so much more capable than they are expecting her to be. By 2 years and 4 months she could write her name independently and read simple words. By 3 and a half she could write sounding out the words and read by sounding out.

Anyway to cut a very long story short. Her school career thus far... Yr R... a total waste of time where they never moved her on one bit she left able to do the same as when she had started but enjoyed it from a social aspect...Yr 1 was okay and we saw some progress. Yr 2 she had a fantastic teacher who saw her ability and the fact she was underachieving and through discipline and encouragement really worked hard to get the best out of her. She ended the year with level 3's in most subjects. Year 3 was a total disaster as her teacher went off on sick leave in October and never returned. Her class were palmed off onto supply teachers, lots of different ones who never got to know Keeva and so didn't tailor their expectations accordingly. Now in year 4 have been told her levels are 3c/b in most subjects even literacy where she had always excelled....

Am I right to be feeling this pissed off....Where is her progress?? I know children plateau but to me this is stagnation!!!! I am so fed up and even considering finding another school. What do you think? I would really appreciate any comments particularly if your child did this or you are a teacher of year 4.... I really am at a total loss.

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keevamum · 21/11/2008 17:12

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

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Madsometimes · 24/11/2008 11:43

I'm going to bump this for you. I am not a teacher, but do have a child in year 4. It sounds like her NC levels are not too bad if they are her present levels. It is very early into the academic year, so I would expect most children to still be at approx. where they were at the end of year 3 now, and to go up two points by the end of the summer. If your daughter does do this, surely she would be on track for high 4's/level 5 in year 6.

It does seem like you are feeling let down by the lack of continuity in year 3. I would be too, but your dd seems to have progressed despite this. I hope her class have no interruption this year.

mumto2andnomore · 24/11/2008 13:11

I wouldnt worry too much about levels, is she happy ? Lets face it we didnt have levels at school and we did ok. Also just because she could read and write early doesnt mean you should expect her to be working at a higher level than her peers now, it doesnt really make a difference by Y4.

keevamum · 24/11/2008 20:33

Thank you for your input. I know her happiness is important and I do honestly believe she would be happier if she was doing better in school. Whenever I ask her how she feels she is doing she always says she is doing ok but she could be doing better. I think I would feel better about this if she thought she was doing well then I would know my expectations of her might be wrong. I just feel so frustrated that the teachers aren't striving to get the absolute best out of the children in their class as I know she is more capable than this. However, you are right Madsometimes I will be happy if she has an undisrupted year this year.

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anyfucker · 24/11/2008 20:47

I am not saying you should move her.

But I moved my dd in yr 4, and we have never looked back.

In her yr 3, her teacher went off long term sick and at one point she was having 3 teachers in each week (1-mon to weds, 2-thurs, 3-fri)

However the school was also crap in other ways eg. small number of disruptive pupils ruining lessons and not being dealt with and some bullying issues not being taken seriously.

If she is currently happy, you do need to think seriously that the grass may not be greener.

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