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7+ test

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Jofins · 20/11/2008 12:08

Hello, my DS is taking the 7+ for City of London Freeman's School in January. He's a reasonably bright little thing, but like many small boys has the attention span of a goldfish! Any tips or hints to make this easier for all of us please? I'm getting really panicky about the whole "test" thing now, he'll probably take it in his stride.

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Sonnet · 20/11/2008 14:49

Is it based on "bond papers"?
If so, you can buy some practice papers which may help him.Where is he doing the test? When my DD1 sat her 7+ to go from the pre-prep to the prep she didn;t even know she had - and neither did we!! It would be a bit diferent I would imagine if you were taking him to the school especially to sit the test

narnia2 · 21/11/2008 11:16

He sounds as though he'll get through on his own merits. However, its all so competitive now. I think worth just exposing him to the types of questiosn he might be faced with. Bond books, Schofield and Sims good for this. Is there any reasoning - again worth practicing so even if he finds it all easy at least he'll be familiar with types of questions. Whats his story writing/comprehension like. Are you sitting any other school? Do his current school "prep" children?

slummymomma · 21/11/2008 14:14

My son is also doing 7+ this january for SW London school. He's at a state school so has been seeing a tutor. He has to do both verbal and non-verbal reasoning plus papers in english and maths. The books we've been using are as follows:

Bond - starter papers in verbal reasoning - 6-7
Bond - starter papers in non-verbal reasoning - 6-7
Bond - First papers in non-verbal reasoning - 7-8
Schofield and Sims - mental artithmetic (introductory book)

Has he had his interview yet? We had ours this week - went well but loads of the boys seemed quite stressed out by it. DS was OK and said that he wanted to go back for the assessment morning asap!

Jofins · 25/11/2008 12:39

Thanks everyone, I'll buy the Bond Papers to have a look. He's at an independent school at the moment. He's getting a little bit of extra homework and an hour of one to one tuition a week.
The test is on 10th January, then you are called for an interview some time during the week after. I presume that is if he gets a high enough mark in the test.

We'll just have to wait and see!

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