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If your DC goes to a schools nursery are they more likely to get a primary school place there?

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Phoenix · 05/11/2008 09:48

Or does it make no difference at all? I'm new to all this and haven't got a clue. I'm just about to apply for ds (2.9) a place at nursery.

OP posts:
mamainstripes · 05/11/2008 09:53

It makes no difference. Nurserys set their own admissions policy but all school places go through the local authority and are allocated either according to their rules or the school rules if its a voluntary aided school. This will be things like distance, siblings and faith rather than nursery attended.

Phoenix · 05/11/2008 09:57

Ok thanks, i thought so . It is near us but not the nearest and he has no siblings. I've got to apply for his nursery place through the local authority.

OP posts:
Catfeena · 05/11/2008 12:03

in my area, schools do favour applications from children already known to them through the nursery class. it's not policy, and its not allowed, but they obviously do it.

MingMingtheWonderPet · 05/11/2008 12:05

Def not where we live ( a London Borough)
There were children in my DS's nursery class who did not get a place in the reception class of the school.

Hathor · 05/11/2008 12:06

You need to see the school's exact admission criteria. It will vary depending on school.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 05/11/2008 12:07

It should make no difference.

If your LA allocates places than it won't make a difference, unless it's a faith school - they generally seem to go their own sweet way

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