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Sad daughter in Yr 2, self esteem low. Mum needs advice!

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Tibbs1505 · 04/11/2008 20:19

I have a dd1 in Yr2 who's going through a difficult time at school. She has a best friend who now has found another best friend aswell & dd1 feel pushed out. There are times when there is teasing from the other two & then they are the best of friends again. Just before half term, I found out that if she wasn't allowed to join in a game, then she would go & hide in the toilets!!
I have spoken to her teacher who was extremely empathetic & is covering relationships in circle time in class & monitoring the situation.
I try to explain that it is good to have lots of friend & not just one friend. DD1 gets very upset. I know whilst I try to support her at home, this is something she will have to try & learn for herself in the playground.

OP posts:
KatieDD · 04/11/2008 20:23

Year 2 is a funny year, they aren't baby's any more and are getting bitchier in my experience. I think for now you are doing all you can, does she have friends outside of school ? That I found helped.

kid · 04/11/2008 20:23

Could you encourage her to invite friends round after school? That would open up a network of friends for her.

Its much better for her to have loads of friends like you have already mentioned. There would be nothing worse than your best friend that you always play with being off school or deciding to go and play with someone else and making you feel left out.

I think its also important that she doesn't realise that it bothers you. She does need to work out how to deal with it herself at school. Good luck.

Tibbs1505 · 04/11/2008 20:29

Thanks KatieDD & Kid, yes my strategy is to try & widen her social circle & invite other friends back from her class & not to concentrate on the other two so much as they also all go to ballet on Saturdays!! But I am emotionally exhausted by it aswell & can sometimes get angry with dd. Poor thing, I do feel for her but this is one of life's lessons. It does seem to be happening throughout the whole of Yr2 though when I talk to other mums.

OP posts:
KatieDD · 04/11/2008 20:36

The thing is we did all this with my DD's the bloody play dates, a child for tea practically every day, parties where every child in the class was invited but in the end (she's year 4 now) I had to accept that she just isn't the life and soul of the party, she likes who she likes and that's that.
With the other 2 I am keeping a low profile at school, they can play with who they want at school and the rest of the time is family time and the kids next door or from Drama.
School really isn't the be all and end all, I want to get that across to my kids that their sisters and neighbour's will be around a lot longer.
It does feel as if the whole class is always at each others houses, sleep overs etc but the truth is they aren't.

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