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Please give my hope that the pattern in dd reports will change and she will start to complete set tasks.

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lexcat · 25/10/2008 14:15

DD now Y3 has always had a problem at knuckling down to work at school. Yet she is not struggling at school or unable to do the work.
In Reception her report is "She has made some pleasing progress, how ever she must apply her self fully to set activities and complete them in the agree time." Had the same thing in Y1 and Y2 was "She is a very able child if only she could apply her self better and finish her work on time" now in Y3 yet again "She has great potential however must now look into increasing her speed to demonstrate this fully".
She comes home telling how she was late for lunch or miss break because she had to finish her work but she doesn?t seem to mind. She's happy at school and loves going. I have always told her to try her best but it's hard when her only problem is the lack of trying.
Is their any hope as it's now coming a bit of a joke with her teachers (not in a nasty way) as I joke too but it's getting to be a little embarrassing.

OP posts:
saffiw · 25/10/2008 15:34

Have you asked school what you can do to help her at home.
Or if their is anyone they could recomend who could help you, to help her.

ShePeeTeePee · 25/10/2008 15:54

Sounds like me as a child. In my case it was because I wanted to do everything perfectly, and could never live up to my self imposed ideal. Everything was therefore painstakingly slow. I was (am) also a chronic procratinator, and would rather do nothing than risk doing something wrong. If it wasn't finished, it couldn't be judged and I could be convinced that it would be perfect if only I'd had more time.

It's only one theory - but any chance she's a mini-me?

lexcat · 25/10/2008 18:01

Thanks I've a parents evening coming up and I will ask for help and what the teacher plans to do to help her(again) so far never got my any where. But it's a new year and new teacher so maybe he has some ideas.
She is a bit of a perfectist but she was terrible but not to bad now. I have always told her it better to have a go and get it wrong then not to try at all. She's learn from this and is quite go at having ago now.

OP posts:
Smithagain · 25/10/2008 21:38

DD1 is in year 2 and has the same issue. Terribly bright and also terribly slow.

Her teacher has bought her an egg-timer and they are practising completing things within 3 minutes, which DD is quite enjoying.

She brought home a certificate this week for "making a big effort to try and complete things on time", which I read as "she's really trying to try, but we have a long way to go"

I do comfort myself with the fact that I was always the last to finish anything in primary school and it all got sorted out at some point. I'm still instinctively a "leave it to the last minute" type, but I rarely actually fail to finish something on time.

imaginaryfriend · 26/10/2008 22:16

My dd is only in Y1, just turned 6, but already a similar pattern has started with her. She gets very upset about how long it takes her to do things. The other day they had to write a page about a film they'd seen at the cinema and she said that she spent all the writing time deciding what to write so that she had no time left to write anything at all. She's also pretty bright, is perfectionist and only ever does anything in her own time.

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