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What are these colour levels on dd's EYFS report from pre-school?

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swedishmum · 23/10/2008 17:39

I've googled and understand the stepping stones idea but can't find any reference to what "green" and "ELG" mean on a report. Obviously I can see ELG is early learnng goal. Can anyone please point me at the appropriate bit of the govt website about what these things actually mean?
Thank you.

OP posts:
fullmOOOOOWHOOOOOnfiend · 23/10/2008 17:43

green means she is doing really well

fullmOOOOOWHOOOOOnfiend · 23/10/2008 17:52

Right, it is several years since I did this, so please do not read this as 'Bible' truth IYSWIM.
It is just a way of measuring how a child is developing at preschool, with ELG being what they should ideally be expected to acheieve in reception year. The colours are 'stepping stones' showing skills, undersanding and development they need during preschool (foundation years) in order to achievbe the ELG. They are not age related but as a general guide, a 3-year old will be on yellowish, with green being older children in the foundation stage. ELG are the final 'stepping stone'.

gladbag · 23/10/2008 18:28

I thought I'd find a link for you easily, but I'd forgotten that actually the 'stepping stones' are no more, from September 2008, as the new Early Years Foundation curriculum took over.

Basically the stepping stones are a vast number of learning objectives laid out in a vaguely progressive order (yellow, blue, green then grey). The grey ones are the 'early learning goal' which it is hoped children will achieve by the end of Reception. In very broad terms children at pre-school/nursery usually work through yellow and blue, and go on through green then grey in their Reception year.

I can't find a link to a simple assessment grid that will show you the actual stepping stones in order, with the colours, as everyone has removed them (all the LEAs, I mean) to make way for the new stuff, but I did find the actual Foundation Stage document here. If you're really interested then it will tell you exactly what you're looking for, but hidden in an enormous and wordy document - good luck!

myredcardigan · 23/10/2008 18:55

All preschools should now be using the EYFS assessment grid instead of the stepping stones.

dilemma456 · 23/10/2008 19:32

Message withdrawn

swedishmum · 23/10/2008 22:21

Thank you! The fact the system has changed is obviously why I wasn't finding anything.... It's all much clearer now. I'm sure there was a perfectly good reason I didn't ask the pre-school teacher at the time!

OP posts:
nolongeraworriedmummy · 23/10/2008 22:41

Ohhh thats what the green dots on dds work in her special folder were thanks you have just solved a three month mystery!

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