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Am i normal to think this is NOT on!!! what do i do?

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countPINKCHICKula · 22/10/2008 14:01

had a prob last week with dd's school and the fact after the (school organised) activity on morning, they were going against what they told us and instead of keeping them (4 and 5yr olds) safe in hall with juice, snack then class) they were sending them out into playground..on their teaching staff AT ALL! with all main gates open for children to come in to start school..spoke to head and told her i was very concerned, she apologised and asid it shouldnt have happend and promised me it wouldnt again...even so, i didnt feel comfortable sending dd any more as she was scared, so didnt take her this week.
The following day there were LOTS of T/A in playground before school..however yesterday there were NONe again and today (the day head says they are ALWAYS T/A's in playground...SHE was there on her own (the head!)

Anyway..that was my issue and i resolved it..i thought...take mindee to nursery this afty, walk through two separated large playgrounds to get to the third playground/nursery...while we were waiting a little boy was talking to mindee, i recognised him, he used to be in class with mindee and had just got up to reception (so he's 4)..when i asked him were hed come from, he said the door leading from his class(but this was locked and despite there being a teacher that i could SEE!) but after abnging on that door no one came..this little boy said he needed a wee, so i got all 3 mindees together and walked him right round to the other side of school were everyone was playing out (you still with me?, sorry i know its long!)..he then ran into one of the playgrounds and i saw a trainee T/A and said id just brought x back round as he was in nursery playground, on his own, no T/A with him and the gates were wide open leading onto main road (as this is the gate they INSIST on keeping open, even though the central gate would be much safer!)
Trainee looked concerned and is nice, but not likely to pass this info on!....after all this i now feel sick!...i look after a child who's mum helps out at school and has confirmed the other lunchtime staff really "dont want to get involved", basically they dont care.

Everything that is happening lately seems to be brought before ME and its worrying me that so many things are happening that seriously put the childrens welfare and safe keeping at risk!

So what do i do now!?, this child today wasnt mine! i speak to head again?..I am worried about DD as they did NOT know this little boy had even left the larger playground..HELP!

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smartiejake · 22/10/2008 14:11

Can't believe that even after all the hoo haa from your pevious problem that they have not put serious measures in place to stop this happening.
Don't talk to the head. They have had their chances to rectify this situation and they have not followed through.

Contact the local LEA and ask to speak to someone resposible for Health and safety or if that is not appropriate OFsted.

countPINKCHICKula · 22/10/2008 14:13

dya think so??..i really do feel sick about this!, but dont know if im 'getting too involed' as it wasnt my dd...i just cant sit back and let this ahpen to 'anyones' absolutely fuming with them and worse still! dd is out swimming with them now!!!! ONLY consolation with that is i know for a fact there are an abundance of teachers and T/A at the pool with them..they seem more hot on outings and unbelievably lax IN school!?

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Ohforfoxsake · 22/10/2008 14:22

If that were my child I'd be so grateful you were there to help, and fuming that it had happened in the first place.

I think I would write to the head. A letter makes things formal. You can reiterate what had happened previously, and what happened again today and how it is unacceptable. I would copy it in to the school governors.

That way you are handing the responsibility over to those (supposedly) in charge, but do keep a copy for yourself. Should it happen again, you can then take it further.

It is alarming that it happened at all, but more alarming is that they haven't really done anything about it.

Good for you for doing something.

countPINKCHICKula · 22/10/2008 16:19

HI, thanks for the reply..when i collected the children tonight (one is in same class as this little boy) i asked teacher if he was ok? and she said "Why"????!!!FFS!, so i explained and she was slightly defensive, so i just said i thought i should let you know!..then on way home i saw this little boy with his grandmother (think he lives with her?) and explained it to her too, felt really sorry for her but i couldnt 'keep it to myself' he's her little boy/grandson and i was glad the mum told me the other day..she is speaking to the actual teacher in morn, not the T/A who i spoke too and said she was so glad it was me (although she only knows me to say hello too!) as i saw him safe and took him back instead of saying "not my problem!" i was telling her the T/A who sent my dd out into playground alone and unsupervised last week wlked past and must ahve heard it all, but i wasnt nasty/i just said id lost faith in them making ure my child was safe..which i prob is will they be with my dd?..would they be THAT unproffesional to make things hard for her??? worried for all sorts of reasons now

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countPINKCHICKula · 23/10/2008 14:02

mum (who works at school) just picked mindee up and said that they(the school/teachers/dinner staff) al knew about what happend yesterday and there were Lots mroe staff on duty today, before school, break/lunch times)..i did see this for myself this morning and again at lunch..and i saw grandma in talking to teacher this morning, so wonder how that went?..but 'seems' to have given things a shake up for the betetr!..thats ALL i wasnt, to be able to take dd KNOWING she will at no point be kicked out into the playground with no supervision or that she could' wander' off and NOT be noticed!..wonder if its still this way after half term??..definatly hope so!

OP posts:
Ohforfoxsake · 23/10/2008 14:07

Sounds like they've taken notice - lets hope they can keep it up!

countPINKCHICKula · 23/10/2008 14:24

i really hope so and TBH we shouldt really HAVE to doubt it should we! hoping theyve realsied that 5 incidents in less than 2 weeks is not accetable!

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