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If your child changed to a school later than reception do they ever become part of the class and fit in

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nolongeraworriedmummy · 22/10/2008 12:55

or are they always considered the outsider?

Im asking because I have just moved my dd into a new school in year one and my friend has been terrifying me by saying her dd changed schools 3 years ago and is still considered the new girl.

OP posts:
frogs · 22/10/2008 12:57

My ds moved schools halfway through Y3 and says he feels like he has always been there (now Y5, so 18 months ago). Felt like that pretty much from the off, school were v. welcoming.

MadameCastafiore · 22/10/2008 12:58

DD that sames as Frogs DS - loves her new school but is just as bloody lazy as she was at alst one.

bigscaryorangespiderami · 22/10/2008 12:59

There were two new children in dd's Y1 class at the start of this term. They fitted in instantly and have made lots of friends.

Ds is in Y5. When he was in Y2 a new girl joined, who could only speak German. She fitted in straight away quickly became on of the most popular children in teh class.
When he was in Y3 a new boy joined the class - he was immediately accepted.
In Y4 an American boy joined, again instantly accepted. Later on that same year a new girl joined and no problems.
This year, at the start of Y5 a Polish boy joined and he has made lots of friends despite not speaking much English. And a girl joined because she was badly bullied at a neighbouring school. Again she has fitted in straight away and is happy.

So I think your friend had an isolated bad experience.

I moved schools many times between teh ages of 5 and 13 as a child, and the only time it was a problem was aged 13. But then that is a difficult age anyway iirc

wilbur · 22/10/2008 12:59

We haven't changed schools, but ds1 has had several kids join his class over the past 2 years (in Y2 and Y3) and they have fitted in really well and are as much part of the class as the ones who have been there since nursery. The school has a mentor system where the new child is assigned a mentor for the first month (a different child from his/her class each week) and that works v well as it means they get close contact with at least 4 other children and it gives them a foundation for friendship.

hannahsaunt · 22/10/2008 13:00

Ds1 started at the beginning of P2 and it was absolutely fine. There are children leaving and starting all the time (well maybe one or two a term) and the children just take it in their stride - not seen as a big deal.

YohoAhoy · 22/10/2008 13:05

Ds & dd moved schools at the beginning of last summer term when they were Y4 & Y1.

I didn't have a very nice time moving school when I was 7, and it did bash my confidence, so I was very worried for them both, especially ds who is quite sensitive.

Ds settled almost straight away, dd took a while longer. But since going back in September they have been having a great time. Both thriving and happy.

There truly doesn't seem to be any difference between them and the children who have been there forever.

I hope all goes well

piratecat · 22/10/2008 13:08

i went to four different primary schools between the ages of 8 and 11!! I made friends and settled in ok, altho of course it was dificult to start afresh each time.

btw my parents moved 3 times in that time, i wasn't expelled or owt!!

roisin · 22/10/2008 15:50

ds1 went into yr1 with a class of children who had been together for a year in reception already.

He settled in very quickly and made loads of friends. By Christmas of the first term he had fitted in completely.

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