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Pupils escaping from DD1's school TWICE. wwyd?

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SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore · 22/10/2008 11:12

So I don't get the paper v often but my mum mentionned to me that a boy escaped from dd1's school and was later found in the park (which has a stream running through it and is over a very busy road ) so I searched our local paper online.

It has happened twice this month, once was a five year old boy who got into the park after teachers didn't realise that his parent hadn't collected him and let him out of the gates.

The other time was a 7 year old girl who wnet missing and was presumed to have escaped but was later found hiding in a cuboard after a police search.

The article says that they have taken extra measures to stop this happening again, including having parents sign a register on collection of the child. But this happened last week and I have had no register to sign for dd1.

What has always happened is that the younger pupils come out of the nursery exit and are kept in the nursery garden and let out one by one upon arrival of the parent/carers. The little boy is normall collected by a childminder and the teachers let him out of the gate when another childminder came for another child. Mistakingly thinking that she was there for both children.

dd1 has a habit of following her friends and not really paying attention. Though I have told her time and time again how dangerous the stream could be and that she must always wait for me and use crossings etc.

I'm quite worried about this now actually, especially since they don't seem to be implementing their new guidelines.

Academically it's the best school in the town and the only other one near us is dire to say the least so I am reluctant to change her. Though there is a school about 30 mins walk that is good and her friend goes there so she should settle easily. She loves the school she is in now and up untill these tow incidents I have been more than happy with the standards and dd1 is coming along brilliantly. She even knows bits of french.

D1 is 5 in December.

OP posts:
compo · 22/10/2008 11:15

I would write/speak to the HT and ask why the guidelines aren't being followed? maybe they don't know that the teachers aren't following the correct protocol

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore · 22/10/2008 11:25

Yes I will do that. I'm really concerned because as I am working now dd1 gets collected by at least three different people and the days that she is collected by others varies. What if they let her out with the wrong person and she attempts to walk home?

She would have to go through the park and over several busy roads and then if it wasn't me collecting her she might get home and be locked out as I'd be at work.

I know thats a lot of ifs and buts, but if this has happened twice now it could happen again.

OP posts:
SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore · 22/10/2008 17:22

Okay so today she was kept by them untill I got there but had forgetten her coat so I sent her back in through the nursery (the teachers were aware she had gone back in) and expected her to come back out of the nursery.

She didn't she walked alone, unquestioned all the way through the school and out of the main doors, surely that is not safe?

Fortunately she came straight to find me and said that she only went that way because it was quicker than going back through the school.

I mean if they have already lost two children you would think that they would be taking extra care no? Like having TA's at the gate or something there is only two ways out of the school. The nursery and through the main cloakroom.

OP posts:
SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore · 22/10/2008 17:40

I take it I am over reacting then?

OP posts:
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