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Can anyone recmmend a "typing tutor" type program for 7yos

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DraculaNeedsArteries · 19/10/2008 10:14

preferably an online game...


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Veraa · 19/10/2008 10:17
Hope this helps - once your child has gained a little confidence cover his / her hands and keyboard with a tea towel to stop peeking at the keys.

DraculaNeedsArteries · 19/10/2008 10:41

ty will look later

OP posts:
sunnydelight · 19/10/2008 23:45

My 9 year old learnt to type recently using "Kewala's amazing keyboard adventure" from It's suitable for kids from 6 and looks like fun. It's an Australian programme but I know you can get it in the UK.

missmama · 20/10/2008 00:03

I know mine use a Spongebob typing game. It is quite old though.

isgrassgreener · 20/10/2008 11:05

BBC website has a good one called "dance mat touch typing". I go into school once a week and help out with a small group of children who all have problems with their writing and we use this program with them. Most of them really enjoy it.

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