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Ds1 sits his 11+ in the morning and I'm so nervous for him........I feel like I'm sitting it myself!!

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Aero · 17/10/2008 22:16

Anyone else's Y6 child doing the test tomorrow or soon?

I hate putting him through this, but he wants to do it himself and I must give him his chance I feel, but the more I think about it, the more I wish that everyone could go to the same school and that all comprehensives were of a good enough standard where people feel happy to send their dc to!

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oops · 17/10/2008 22:24

Message withdrawn

lilolilmanchester · 17/10/2008 22:26

DD did hers a couple of weeks ago so know how you feel. I am totally with you on wishing they didn't have to go through it.
But they do. Arrange to do something while they're in the exam, it will make the time go more quickly and might even take your mind off it for a while. When does he get the results? Best of luck (to both of you!!)

CharCharBaGOOOOOOORE · 17/10/2008 22:35

Good luck to miniAero

Aero · 17/10/2008 22:56

Thank you all - we've been trying not to make too much of it and ds is trying hard to be relaxed about it all, but I know that he's feeling the nerves inside. Thankfully, he knows that come what may, it really doesn't matter to us, although I feel the grammar school could offer him better sporting opportunities, (which is his main interest in life pretty much, like his Dad) which shouldn't be the case, but unfgortunately is.

I can't help feeling though that it if he does manage to pass and earns a place there, that he could well struggle academically as he's above average, but still borderline which I feel in a grammar school, is a difficult place to be.

Good idea to busy ourselves while he's doing it. It's such a long drawn out morning! He'll be there from 8.30am until 1.30pm with only fruit and biscuits to sustain him through the three hours of exam writing. God, I feel the nerves for him.......

OP posts:
Aero · 17/10/2008 22:59

Oh results come quickly Lilolil - posted out 31st this month!

Best thing is that after he's done the exam, we can stop stressing about it as once it's done, it's done and there'll be nothing we can do to change the outcome.

I look forward to a relaxing evening tomorrow!

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seeker · 17/10/2008 23:02

We were there a couple of years ago and will be again in a couple of years - it's awful! But as you say, once it's done you can forget about it for a while. Remember (I'm sure you will ) to keep telling your ds that tons of children sit it and there just aren't enough places for everybody, so you can be really good, but not pass, simply because so many other people sat the test too.

Cadbury · 17/10/2008 23:03

Hi Aero, just popped in to see if you were around. How does ds1 feel about it tomorrow? How was dh today?

seeker · 17/10/2008 23:05

Oh and my dd passed but is borderline and she's thriving at grammar school, so don't worry about that. They seem to be very good at supporting all the children - dd is in set 4 of 6 for maths and is getting lots of help and one to one.

Aero · 17/10/2008 23:13

Thanks seeker - that's a good point and your second post makes me feel better (I struggled at grammar myself and I guess that's the reason for my concerns). I think things are better now though and am hoping the pastoral care wherever he goes will be good.

Cadbury (((o))) wotcha doing up at this time??? Thought I was the nightowl here!
Ds1 nervous, but I think ok. We've just said to do his best and not worry too much about it.

Dh went well he felt and a few more interviews are in the pipeline for next week. He's hoping to get a second interview with the people he saw yesterday as job interests him. fingers x'd.

OP posts:
Aero · 18/10/2008 09:55

Dropped him off earlier and he'll be nearly finished the first one by now. Going out shortly though to take our minds off. Roll on 1.30pm!

OP posts:
debs40 · 18/10/2008 11:38

And this is why we will be moving house before our children hit 11! I can't believe these systems still exist in parts of the country. The grammar school system (based on selection to single sex, faith schools)dominates the education system where I live and you don't realise the effect it has until your child starts school. Even the parents of five year olds start worrying about what to do if their child 'fails'

I'm not knocking anyone who puts their child through this. It's hard to conceive of a choice if the best local school is a grammar. But wouldn't life be better if we just had good schools for everyone with no need to test young children?

roisin · 18/10/2008 15:05

How did it go?

Cadbury · 18/10/2008 16:04

I was just wondering that Roisin . . .

roisin · 18/10/2008 21:39

Are you out celebrating Aero or what?

Aero · 19/10/2008 17:12

Phew........sooooo glad that's out of the way now. No more stress (until we have to choose a school I guess). He felt it went ok - better than he expected, but still hard and he does work rather slowly, so we'll just sit back and await the results! He doesn't really mind too much the result (or at least so he says), just very glad not to have to sit it again!

OP posts:
KatieDD · 19/10/2008 21:52

Around here, the results come out and then everybody appeals and then the places that aren't taken up get offered to those just a few marks out, it's all very stressful up until September.
Let us know how he got on, fingers crossed.

harman · 19/10/2008 21:55

Message withdrawn

pinkbubbleGUM · 19/10/2008 22:02

DD2 did hers a few weeks ago, and as far as I know the results are being posted tomorrow so we should know the results on Tuesday - as long as Royal Mail get it right!

Have no idea how DD did, she was fairly confident after tests! Although we have found out since that her eye sight was fairly poor while she sat tests! Also she did her homework last weekend and it was appalling, bless her! Completely read the questions wrong, so now I am thinking tat she will not have passed her tests.

Oh well we shall see what Tuesday brings, I certainly do not want to repeat these last few weeks!

When do you find out the results?

pinkbubbleGUM · 19/10/2008 22:05

So does your son just have to do one exam?

DD had to do 2 mornings worth of exams at school (thursday and friday morning) followed by another exam at the grammar school on the Saturday! All these exams were the week of her Birthday!

Aero · 22/10/2008 20:21

Three exams in one morning pink.

Well done to your dd Harman if I read correctly on another thread.

Ds's teacher isn't confident about ds1 as he works so slowly, so I don't know. Ah well, what will be..............

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