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why is year 3 described as a "sensitive" year?

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Orinoco · 17/10/2008 21:49

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Eniddo · 17/10/2008 21:53

is it?

Orinoco · 17/10/2008 21:55

Message withdrawn

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jura · 17/10/2008 22:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frankbestfriend · 17/10/2008 22:02

dd has just gone into year 3 and is suffering with awful tiredness in the evenings, accompanied by terrible moody episodes.

They do seem to be working much harder. I thought it must be the jump from key stage 1 to 2, and have never heard of it being a 'sensitive' year, so am watching this thread with interest.

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs · 17/10/2008 22:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MingMingtheWonderPet · 17/10/2008 22:08

Age 7 to 8

DS in Yr 3 and tho he is enjoying it he is very tires (and a bit grouchy!)

purpleturtle · 17/10/2008 22:10

ROFL at your dd, Jura!

cyphercat · 17/10/2008 22:10

I teach that age students and I heard that it's something to do with their hormones...??

frankbestfriend · 17/10/2008 22:37

I think purpleturtle might be onto something with the hormones theory.
I know it sounds silly but dd has started to get sweaty armpits recently, and that is hormone related I think.

christywhisty · 17/10/2008 22:38

Agree with Jura, it was Yr3 DD had the most problem with friends, there was a lot of dictating who could play and who wasn't etc
She is Yr 6 now and her teacher was saying last night how well her friendship group were getting along and how well they sorted out their problems between themselves.

I don't remember many problems for DS in Yr 3 at all.

Monkeyblue · 17/10/2008 22:43

DS is in year 3 and has become more tired and has started to push the boundaries at home
I put it down to the work getting harder compared to KS1

Cadelaide · 17/10/2008 22:48

Oh, this thread is the answer to my prayers.

DD is awful at the moment. Stroppy, rude beyond belief, unkind to her brothers......

She has moved up to a Junior School (with all her friends) and will not open up and admit that it may be in any way difficult. She always answers "...fine...", with a flick of the pony tail. I expected this with teens, but she's 7 fgs.

Cadelaide · 19/10/2008 22:17

Was I too needy?

Where did everyone go?

Orinoco · 19/10/2008 22:18

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Orinoco · 19/10/2008 22:21

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Orinoco · 19/10/2008 22:33

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
singersgirl · 19/10/2008 22:38

Er... don't like to look as if no one is interested, but sorry to say DS2 is happy as anything in Y3, so can't really be supportive here. I'm off to have a shower too!

mckenzie · 19/10/2008 22:40

Orinoco - that is so sad. Your poor DD must be so unhappy. Can you go and talk to her teacher and see if there is more to it? Was she happy at the end of year 2?

My DS is happy enough in year 3 but has really started testing the boundaries and being acomplete PITA if i'm honest. I've taken some slight comfort from this post as it seems others are doing the same which always somehow makes me feel better .

I hope your DD can sort things out Orinoco.

sundew · 19/10/2008 22:44

I understand completely - my dd who is in yr 3 (8 in a few weks) is going through a 'diificult' phase as well - lots of huffing and puffing when asked to do anything. Lots of 'you don't like me' . I'm finding it really hard and we end up arguing a lot.

I can't seem to break out of the cycle of her being angry with me or me being angry with her.

It feels like the teenage years have come early!

SmileyMylee · 19/10/2008 22:51

DD is yr 4 now, but I do remember this from last year. It was all making and breaking up with friends and attitude like you would not believe.

It was the year I first heard her say 'whatever...'. My darling little angel became a teenager overnight. She was moody and sulked one day and then sweetness and light the next.

Much calmer now - unless I'm just used to it!!

christywhisty · 20/10/2008 00:20

I read somewhere the rewiring of the brain starts between 8 and 10 in girls particularly, so it could be the reason for the teenage attitude.

Furball · 20/10/2008 07:07

can I join your club? ds is stroppy, stubborn and tired and also in year 3. roll on the holidays next week so we can have a rest. He is always living on the verge of instant stroppyness but this going to new heights.

Chocolateteapot · 20/10/2008 07:21

The girls in DD's class did start falling out in Year 3 but were worse in Year 4 and most became very emotional. I'm sure that hormones do play a large role. My DD has completely come out the other side of all this (for now) in Year 5 and most of her friends have and they are all quite civilized to be around at the moment.

MaryBS · 20/10/2008 07:53

DD is in year 4, she is just 9. The amount of tears she can produce is incredible! I remember the sobs we had last year when her tamagotchi died, when she lost something, when... and it still goes on into year 4! And no-one dare laugh at her for ANYTHING!

Gobbledigook · 20/10/2008 08:16

Ds1 is in yr3 and he seems fine to me - the work is certainly not an issue and neither are friends (is the friends issue more a girl thing?).

He is a 'teenager' though - soooo stroppy. I don't relate it to school though.

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