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Daughter came home with wrong shirt... to wash or not? What's the etiquette?

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amidaiwish · 15/10/2008 19:39

My daughter, 4.5, has just started in reception.
Today is PE day and she has come home with another girl's shirt (who sits next to her).
No big deal, hopefully it'll just be a straight swap with the other mum tomorrow.

However i am having a dilemma over whether to return the shirt washed & ironed, or not?

dh says wash it.
i'm thinking just hand it back, the other girl may be sensitive to particular washing powder or the mum may have a strong preference.
I use Ariel liquid by the way so pretty mainstream.

what would you do???
and i can't believe i'm in such a dilemma over this!!

OP posts:
RubyRioja · 15/10/2008 19:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nickytwoooohtimes · 15/10/2008 19:41

Wash and iron.
It will make you look like a super-efficient domestician.

upsetandangry · 15/10/2008 19:41

I would return unwashed for a quick turnaround.

stillstanding · 15/10/2008 19:42

I would definitely wash. Would feel weird to hand back dirty shirt imo.

DevilishDisasterArea · 15/10/2008 19:42

nah pop in carrier and hand back. tis a bit annoying for your childs clothes to arrive bck smelling of someone elses washing powder (a very personal choice i think). also if washed in ariel would cause hideous rash in mine too.

JollyPirate · 15/10/2008 19:43

I usually wash anything which returns. Usually don't realise it's not DS's until I iron!

castlesintheair · 15/10/2008 19:44

I always wash before return but never iron.

SqueakyPop · 15/10/2008 19:46

Yes, wash it. If the other family is funny about detergents, they can wash it again.

Flamesparrow · 15/10/2008 19:47


amidaiwish · 15/10/2008 19:48

it is quite grubby... day 3 of wear i reckon

OP posts:
BetteNoire · 15/10/2008 19:48

Do wash.
Don't iron.

Hulababy · 15/10/2008 19:53

If going back tomorrow - just take it as it is. DD's friend went home with DD's dress on by accident recently - it was brought back next day as it was, and I was perfectly fine about it.

If time (and I wouldn;t have time in one evening after school and work) then yes, I would wash and iron it.

amidaiwish · 15/10/2008 20:07

well it's in the wash now.

actually Hulababy i wouldn't have washed it if it was the cardigan or dress as i only wash these weekly.

OP posts:
Flightattendant2 · 15/10/2008 20:10

I always wash and fold.

kyrasmummy · 15/10/2008 20:22

If you have time wash it, if you don't, don't worry about it and just hand it back.

Reallytired · 15/10/2008 20:25

I would wash it, but probably not bother to iron it.

DoubleBluff · 15/10/2008 20:30

I would wash, but wouldnt be bothred f i had one returned that wasn't

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