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DS already in the "Time Out" book for fighting - Reception

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wellsie · 14/10/2008 19:42

Support & advice needed
Today DS's teacher took me to oneside to tell me that he had been fighting at lunchtime and had been put in the "Time Out" book.
Now DS can be a monkey but over the past few weeks his behaviour has become more aggressive. 2wks ago he came home with a fat lip which the teacher explained as falling over but when I got him home he told me a boy X had given it to him.
On Monday he came home saying they had been playing "Punch Tag" which I explained was not a good game and even made a comment about this in his homework book (teacher confessed not to reading this).
We know Boy X and are aware that he has had some behaviour issues at pre-school, my concern is that DS is copying his behaviour and I seem at a loss to try and stop it.
DS and I have had a long chat this afternoon about what is acceptable and what isn't but he seemed to take great delight in showing me how you shouldn't kick/punch someone and this is a side I've never seen.
Am I worrying too much or do you think we should nip this in the bud and how? I don't want him to get the label of "naughty boy" in the class and he is very bright (I'm his mum, I'm allowed to be biased )
What should I do?

OP posts:
nell12 · 14/10/2008 19:59

It seems that your ds is getting sucked into this behaviour by wanting to copy boy x (or even the bigger boys in the playground??)

He probably sees all these fun and exciting games and is still too young to understand the consequences.

I assume that ds' teacher has put him in the time out book to give him a bit of a warning which should be enough.

I would pop in to talk to his teacher, don't worry, she will be more than happy to discuss this with you. Perhaps she could buddy him with someone else in the class during playtimes who is not so aggressive in their games. If nothing else you could suggest that the duty staff keep an eye on him during break and lunchtimes.

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